• Trust MitchCo With Your Foundation

    Trust Mitchco for Foundation Repair When you are in need of quality foundation repair serving San Antonio, you should look no further than MitchCo Foundation Repair. Our foundation repair company has served the San Antonio area for more than three decades, and we will be thrilled to help you restore your home’s foundation to fantastic condition. There are several advantages to trusting our general contractors with your drainage correction or foundation repair services. For example, we will perform a full site assessment of your soil and tailor a repair plan to your specific needs. Additionally, with our helpful payment plans, you can get started on your foundation repairs right away. To learn more about the benefits of working with MitchCo Foundation Repairs, watch this video.

  • Why You Need to Address Foundation Issues

    Foundation Repair Issues in San Antonio

    Your home’s foundation is a vital component of its structure. Although you never see your foundation, issues that affect this part of your home can have far-reaching consequences, including interior and exterior damage, basement flooding, and mold or pest problems. As soon as you suspect your home may be suffering from foundation problems, it’s essential to contact a professional contractor to schedule an inspection and foundation repair in San Antonio.

    Foundation Repair Issues in San Antonio

    Door and Window Problems

    When your foundation develops problems, it often causes issues throughout your home. One of the most common issues associated with foundation problems is sticky or poorly-fitting doors and windows. When windows and doors do not open or close properly, they not only affect your comfort and convenience, they could also pose a potential safety risk if you cannot secure your home against intruders.

    Slanting Floors

    Foundation problems cause settling that can lead to one area of your home sitting lower than another. This may cause your floors to slant, which may cause vertigo and raise your risk for tripping or falling. Because falls can be associated with serious injuries, this could pose a significant health risk to your family over time.

    Interior Damage

    As your home settles, this process can also cause cracking and crumbling of walls, ceilings, and floors. This process will not only affect the look of your home, but could decrease the home’s structural stability, leading to the potential for further damage, including the collapse of walls or ceilings under extreme circumstances.

    Basement Flooding

    Basement flooding is another common consequence of foundation damage. Because foundation damage is often associated with poor drainage, the accumulation of water that damages your foundation can also lead to water damage in your basement, which is associated with costly losses and repairs.

    Foundation repair focuses on not only addressing the existing damage to your foundation, but also on providing waterproofing and drainage correction to eliminate the risk of further issues in the future. Your contractor will evaluate the situation affecting your foundation to suggest the best course for long-term foundation repair.

  • A Look at Pier and Beam Foundations

    When you build a home, there are several different foundation designs your builder can choose to implement. A pier and beam foundation is a common type of foundation, particularly in older homes. This construction design uses a combination of piers, which are anchored in the ground beneath your home, and beams, which run the length and width of your home, to essentially support the structure of your home without requiring it to rest directly on the dirt beneath it. Pier and beam foundations are an older design, but still remain popular because of their simplicity and their stability, particularly in areas where the ground contains a significant percentage of expansive clay. While a well-built pier and beam foundation should experience few problems, aging or poorly-designed pier and beam foundations may develop problems that require foundation repair. If you think your home may need pier and beam foundation repair near San Antonio, this work should always be performed by a contractor experienced with pier and beam foundation construction and repair to ensure that repairs are completed properly to protect your home and your foundation from further damage.

    Pier and Beam Foundations in San Antonio, TX

  • The Importance of Proper Drainage

    Blog ThumbnailYour foundation, while strong and stable, is vulnerable to damage caused by excess water. Over time, water can wear away the material of your foundation and affect the ground around it, leading to serious cracking, shifting, and settling that requires professional foundation repair to address. If you are suffering from a water problem affecting your foundation or basement, the success of your waterproofing solution will depend on a combination of barrier and drainage solutions; your professional contractor in San Antonio will examine your home and its existing drainage to determine how improved drainage will protect your foundation from future damage.

    Drainage repair & correction in San Antonio, TX

    Protect Your Foundation

    Proper drainage is essential for a healthy foundation. When water is allowed to pool around your home, it will affect the ground and the materials that make up your foundation. This excess water is the cause of cracking and deterioration of the foundation itself, while also destabilizing the earth that supports your foundation and your home. Proper drainage will prevent water accumulation in the area immediately around your home, instead funneling it away from your house so it cannot cause wear and tear on your foundation.

    Waterproof Your Basement

    Basement flooding is a common problem in homes across the country. A wet basement can increase your risk for developing a mold problem at home, while flooding can also damage any items you have stored in your basement, including HVAC and water heating equipment. Proper home drainage will eliminate the risk of basement flooding and is a frequent component of the basement waterproofing process. Investing in drainage correction is a cost-effective and long-term solution that will protect the value and condition of your basement, as well as the belongings it contains.

    If you’re suffering from basement flooding and foundation damage, drainage correction can put an end to these problems. The general contractors you hire to complete your foundation repair will consider all the causes of your foundation damage to take the proper steps to address this issue.

  • Installing a Concrete Driveway

    Installing a Concrete Driveway in San Antonio

    A concrete driveway is a smart and cost-effective choice for your home. Whether you opt for traditional concrete driveway installation or want to create a unique driveway from interlocking concrete pavers, working with experienced concrete contractors near San Antonio to complete this project is the best way to ensure your driveway looks great and performs as expected for decades to come.

    This video discusses some factors to consider prior to concrete driveway installation, including the type of costs you should expect. You’ll also learn more about the concrete installation process and the steps your contractor will take to prevent cracking and other damage over time. Working closely with your concrete contractors is the best way to ensure you understand the type of product you are getting, while also giving you the opportunity to voice your opinions about the design of your driveway for the results you want.