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    When you’re in need of foundation repair serving San Antonio, it’s crucial that you find a qualified company to work with. Not all general contractors are equally capable of helping you with your foundation problems, so make sure you do your research. Watch this video if you would like to hear about MitchCo Foundation Repair and how we can help from our owner.

    Finding cracks in your floor and sheetrock can be a pain, but the team at MitchCo Foundation Repair is happy to help restore your foundation. We will take a look at your situation and offer you a free evaluation and consultation so you can decide how to proceed. Our team will also guarantee its work with a lifetime warranty, and we’ll even call you when it’s time for an inspection. We are happy to work with your budget and will do our best to find the right foundation repair technique for your needs.

  • Questions to Ask Your Foundation Repair Specialist

    Blog ThumbnailFoundation repair serving San Antonio might sound like an extensive process, but it helps to understand the process so you can plan around it. You can start by doing research on your own, and then you can talk to your concrete repair professional to find out what the process will look like within the context of your circumstances. It’s also helpful to ask how to tell if your house has foundation problems in case future repairs are needed, as well as what types of factors impact the structural integrity of your foundation. Keep reading for the answers to questions to ask your foundation repair specialist. foundation - repair

    How does foundation repair work?

    You would never want to sign off on a service that you don’t understand, which is why it’s helpful to understand how foundation repair works. Foundation repair always starts with an initial consultation. This will give your contractor an opportunity to survey the damage and get to the bottom of what caused the problem. At this point your specialist can also decide whether or not foundation repair work is necessary. If it is necessary, your team of professionals will use different techniques to ensure that your home is level. They might then treat your soil and add a drainage correction system to prevent further problems.

    Does my house need it?

    If you have ever noticed cracks above your doors or sloping floors in your home or office building, you might have a problem with your foundation. Foundation issues can significantly impact the structural integrity of the building; if you do notice this type of issue, call for foundation repair as soon as possible. Other symptoms of foundation problems include trouble opening and closing windows and doors as well as mold in your basement.

    What factors should I consider?

    There are a few factors that might contribute to foundation problems, and one of them is your drainage system. If you do not have a drainage system that adequately displaces moisture from your foundation, it’s important to have one installed. Removing this water will keep it from changing the composition of the soil compacting your foundation.

  • Protecting Your Investment with Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

    Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in San AntonioThe expression “walking on eggshells” refers to the chance that the floor will figuratively fall out from underneath you. You don’t want to turn this expression literal at your home or your workplace, which is where foundation repair serving San Antonio comes into play. Your concrete contractor can help you keep your floor even and solid as well as make it easier to use your windows and doors by repairing your concrete slab foundation. Read on to find out how you can protect your investment with concrete slab foundation repair.

    A sturdy foundation is a must if you want your home or place of business to stand up properly over time. If you or your concrete specialist notice any problems with your foundation, you should set up a foundation repair plan sooner rather than later. Your foundation repair pro can use a few different methods to fix up your foundation, but the right choice depends on the structure in question and your geographic location. Hydraulic steel piers, under slab tunneling, and concrete pressed piling systems represent a few examples of concrete slab foundation repair techniques. Talk to your concrete professional to find out which one might be right for you.

    Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in San Antonio

  • Spotlight on Trenching for Drainage Correction

    Improper drainage can lead to a host of problems for your household, and it can be especially damaging to your foundation. However, drainage correction serving San Antonio can help you keep your foundation safe and dry , which is crucial if you want to protect your home’s structural integrity. Drainage correction is not the easiest task to handle on your own, so you’ll need to work with your concrete specialist to ensure that you get the results you desire. Feel free to take a look ahead as we shine the spotlight on trenching for drainage correction. Drainage correction services in San Antonio, TX

    Why You Need It

    Your foundation is at the mercy of the soil surrounding it; if the soil lets in water, moisture can seep through the foundation walls and enter your home. You are particularly susceptible to this problem if your home does not have a proper drainage system. If you notice water pouring off of your roof and over your gutters directly onto the ground surrounding your house every time it rains, you are not doing your foundation any favors. This creates annoying puddles around your home, and it allows water to seep into the ground and affect the composition of your soil. Don’t hesitate to call your drainage correction specialist if this is happening on your property.

    How It Works

    Trenching is one form of drainage correction that seeks to displace the water that would land around the base of your house to a safer location. By modifying the level of the ground, your foundation repair and waterproofing professional can ensure that water does not pool around your home and seep down into your foundation. This can save you the trouble of dealing with a mold problem in the basement, thus keeping your home and family healthier.

    Who Can Do It

    You will need your foundation repair specialist to help you with a drainage correction technique like trenching. When done properly, trenching can protect your home from a range of moisture-related issues; when done improperly, however, it can exacerbate your problems on top of being a waste of time and money.