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Tips for Protecting Your Foundation from Water Damage This Spring

Blog Thumbnail When the spring months arrive in the state of Texas, you may find that your area receives heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions. By waterproofing your basement and scheduling foundation ...
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Symptoms of Settling That Mean You Need Drainage Correction

Blog Thumbnail Drainage correction serving San Antonio aims to help direct water away from the house so that it doesn’t settle around the foundation of your home. If you have interior or exterior basement ...
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Signs That Your Property Needs Better Drainage

Blog Thumbnail You always want to make sure that water has an easy path away from your house. This ensures that water doesn’t remain on your property and cause problems, and drainage is the way it’s ...
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MitchCo Foundation Repair on Home Foundation Problems

Blog Thumbnail Your home’s foundation plays an important role in protecting and stabilizing the structure. Watch this video to hear Edward Mitchell of MitchCo Foundation Repair, a company which specializes in ...
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Protecting Your Investment with Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

Blog Thumbnail The expression “walking on eggshells” refers to the chance that the floor will figuratively fall out from underneath you. You don’t want to turn this expression literal at your home ...
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Concrete Flatwork Installation from MitchCo Foundation

Blog Thumbnail When you are gearing up for a home remodel, you may want to hire a team of experienced contractors to perform concrete flatwork installation services for your home. From a concrete patio to a new ...
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The Importance of Lintel Repair

Blog Thumbnail A lintel is a supportive beam that sits across the top of a door or window, either as decoration or for load bearing purposes. In most homes, the largest lintel lies across the top of the garage door. ...
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The Basement Waterproofing Process

Blog Thumbnail Of all the rooms in your home, the basement is easily the most vulnerable to flooding. If your gutters are in poor shape, or if you have inadequate drainage around your property, there’s a good ...
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The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

Blog Thumbnail A patio is a delightful addition to any home. Whether you’re interested in installing an outdoor kitchen or a simple seating area for your guests, you’ll find that a well-constructed patio ...
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Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Blog Thumbnail A strong foundation supports your house and keeps it in safe, efficient, and cosmetically appealing shape, but there are a few different types of problem signs that could warrant a call to your ...
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The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Blog Thumbnail Whether your basement is finished and livable or used for storage, you might want to consider waterproofing near San Antonio. Your contractor can offer different types of waterproofing services in ...
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The Importance of Proper Drainage

Blog Thumbnail Your foundation, while strong and stable, is vulnerable to damage caused by excess water. Over time, water can wear away the material of your foundation and affect the ground around it, leading to ...
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Installing a Concrete Driveway

Blog Thumbnail A concrete driveway is a smart and cost-effective choice for your home. Whether you opt for traditional concrete driveway installation or want to create a unique driveway from interlocking concrete ...
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Top Reasons for Foundation Cracks

Blog Thumbnail The foundation of your home can crack for a variety of different reasons. Some of those reasons stem from mistakes made during the original construction of your home, while others could be a result of ...
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Why Poor Drainage is Damaging to Your House

Blog Thumbnail As long as water isn’t leaking through the roof, you probably don’t give too much thought or concern to your home’s drainage. However, considering that water damage is the leading ...
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Tips for Waterproofing a Foundation

Blog Thumbnail Moisture that seeps in through your foundation can cause all kinds of problems, so it is best to eliminate them with waterproofing near San Antonio. Using both interior and exterior basement ...
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Spotlight On Drainage Correction

Blog Thumbnail Not all houses are designed to efficiently relocate water to a safe location, and this leads to serious problems and costly repairs for many homeowners. Fortunately these individuals can seek drainage ...
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