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Tips for Protecting Your Foundation from Water Damage This Spring

When the spring months arrive in the state of Texas, you may find that your area receives heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions. By waterproofing your basement and scheduling foundation ...
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The Link Between Tree Roots and Foundation Integrity

Mature trees provide your landscaping with undeniable appeal. However, if your trees are planted too close to your pier and beam foundation, you may start to experience issues with the structural ...
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What Every Property Owner Should Know About Foundations

When you invest in a new home or commercial property, it is essential to educate yourself about its various structural components. A pier and beam foundation is a common foundation style that is found ...
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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

When you are in need of a foundation repair or drainage correction contractor, you will want to do your research before you make your decision. In this video from, you will receive some ...
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A Look at the Cash for Kindness Program

As a company that has years of experience in foundation repair serving San Antonio, you’d expect it to be our primary concern at MitchCo Foundation Repair. While we take foundation repair ...
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Reasons to Call a Foundation Repair Contractor

Foundation damage can make a massive impact on your home, but foundation repair serving San Antonio is not something you should undergo without a contractor. Foundation repair may not be the only ...
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Hear More About MitchCo Services from Our Owner

When you’re in need of foundation repair serving San Antonio, it’s crucial that you find a qualified company to work with. Not all general contractors are equally capable of helping you ...
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Spotlight on Trenching for Drainage Correction

Improper drainage can lead to a host of problems for your household, and it can be especially damaging to your foundation. However, drainage correction serving San Antonio can help you keep your ...
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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Foundation Repair

While foundation repair requires an initial investment, scheduling foundation repair services for your home can save you significantly in the long run. When you watch this video from MitchCo ...
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Concrete Flatwork Installation from MitchCo Foundation

When you are gearing up for a home remodel, you may want to hire a team of experienced contractors to perform concrete flatwork installation services for your home. From a concrete patio to a new ...
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Signs You May Need Foundation Repair

Every home needs a strong, sturdy foundation. Unfortunately, a foundation can begin to settle over time, due to causes as varied as poor drainage, shrinking concrete, and invasive tree roots. Whatever ...
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The Importance of Lintel Repair

A lintel is a supportive beam that sits across the top of a door or window, either as decoration or for load bearing purposes. In most homes, the largest lintel lies across the top of the garage door. ...
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Touring the Common Causes of Foundation Damage

As important as foundation repair serving San Antonio may be, it may be even more important to determine why the problem occurred in the first place; the more you know about foundation damage, the ...
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What Causes Foundation Damage?

Foundation repair serving San Antonio can return your home or commercial space to construction level, which comes with many benefits; however, what is it that causes the need for foundation repair in ...
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The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Whether your basement is finished and livable or used for storage, you might want to consider waterproofing near San Antonio. Your contractor can offer different types of waterproofing services in ...
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Repairing a Pier and Beam Foundation

Different types of foundations will benefit from their own forms of foundation repair serving San Antonio. Your contractor should be able to make the necessary repairs, but the actual process will ...
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The Homeowner's Guide to Lintel Repair

Lintels are structural devices that are used to support brick, stone, or other types of masonry work. If you have noticed that the lintel areas around your garage, doors, or windows have begun to sag ...
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Trust MitchCo With Your Foundation

When you are in need of quality foundation repair serving San Antonio, you should look no further than MitchCo Foundation Repair. Our foundation repair company has served the San Antonio area for more ...
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Why You Need to Address Foundation Issues

Your home’s foundation is a vital component of its structure. Although you never see your foundation, issues that affect this part of your home can have far-reaching consequences, including ...
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A Look at Pier and Beam Foundations

When you build a home, there are several different foundation designs your builder can choose to implement. A pier and beam foundation is a common type of foundation, particularly in older homes. This ...
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Installing a Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway is a smart and cost-effective choice for your home. Whether you opt for traditional concrete driveway installation or want to create a unique driveway from interlocking concrete ...
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The Consequences of Foundation Problems

If you spot the early warning signs of foundation problems inside or outside your home, you should hire a contractor immediately for foundation repair in San Antonio. Cracks or bulges in your ...
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Why Are There Puddles Around Your Foundation?

Standing water may develop around your home’s foundation if you don’t have an adequate storm drainage system consisting of drainage pipes, catch basins, a sump pump, and a French drain ...
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Don't Ignore a Foundation Problem

When you ignore your home’s need for foundation repair and waterproofing near San Antonio, you will only develop bigger and more costly problems. Without swift foundation repair by a qualified, ...
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Top Reasons for Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your home can crack for a variety of different reasons. Some of those reasons stem from mistakes made during the original construction of your home, while others could be a result of ...
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