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The Importance of Lintel Repair

Blog Thumbnail A lintel is a supportive beam that sits across the top of a door or window, either as decoration or for load bearing purposes. In most homes, the largest lintel lies across the top of the garage door. ...
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The Importance of Proper Drainage

Blog Thumbnail Your foundation, while strong and stable, is vulnerable to damage caused by excess water. Over time, water can wear away the material of your foundation and affect the ground around it, leading to ...
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What Are Some Common Issues with Pier and Beam Foundations?

Blog Thumbnail If your home was built using a pier and beam foundation, there are some common issues that you may be forced to deal with over the years. Fortunately, these issues can be fixed by working with a ...
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Should You Consider Lintel Repair Services?

Blog Thumbnail Have you noticed cracking and sagging taking place towards the top of a garage, window, or doorway that has bricks, stones, or another material above it? If so, you may need to have a foundation ...
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Lintel Repair 101

Blog Thumbnail Have you ever wondered why the building materials that are used above large openings in walls that are created for windows or doors don’t collapse? Probably not. Most homeowners don’t give ...
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What Is Lintel Repair?

Blog Thumbnail If you want the entryways to your home or place of business to stand out in a positive way, it is wise to invest in lintel repair as soon as you realize that it is necessary. Your local foundation ...
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