We know you have a lot of questions about how our drainage work will affect your yard, what you should be prepared to do for maintenance, what payment plans we offer, and more. We answer several FAQs below, but feel free to contact us with other questions you may have regarding your drainage issue.

What should I expect to do to maintain my new drainage system?

It depends on what kind of system you have. French drains rely on their ability to channel water smoothly away from your home or office. If the drain becomes clogged with sediment or other debris, the drainage will be impeded. Therefore, you may need to clear the drain on occasion, and this may involve temporarily removing the rocks or gravel in order to do the job thoroughly. After you have taken out the debris, you will replace the rocks, or aggregate. If you had grates installed, you may need to change the disposable filters. After you’ve finished the required maintenance that aligns with the type of your drainage system, fill your drainage system with water to test that it is working properly and there are no clogs or debris.

Clearing catch basins and channel drains are easier chores. Your yard worker or landscaper may be able to add this to his or her regular routine. Simply blow any debris off the drain grates to avoid pooling water. Also, be sure not to close off the end of the drain pipes. They need to be open to flush out any objects and water that fall into them.

Will my yard or garden suffer damage from your work?

Our crew will do our best not to destroy your landscaping as we repair or correct your drainage system, but it will likely not be possible to avoid disturbing it completely. After all, we will need to dig or repair trenches or create new access to parts of your property, but we do not use heavy equipment it is all done by hand and with use of wheel barrels. We always do our best to cause minimal damage to the grounds.

Do I have to worry about my irrigation system?

No. We are well versed in working around irrigation systems and are prepared to make repairs on the spot should a problem arise while we are doing our drainage system repairs and corrections in your yard.

What happens if one of my underground utility lines is hit when you’re digging?

It is state law requirement for MitchCo Foundation to do a locate to notify utilities. While we take the necessary steps to locate all public utility lines before starting work, an accident may occur. Usually these lines are more than 3 feet underground, and we do not dig to that depth. If we do hit an underground utility line, we will notify you immediately and proceed to perform the required actions to restore the utility to working order. If you have any private underground utilities, please point those out to us before work begins.

What types of payment do you accept? Do you offer any payment plans?

We accept payment in a variety of ways for your convenience. You can pay with cash, a personal or business check, a cashier’s check, a money order, Visa or Mastercard, or even escrow upon the sale of your home. We also offer several monthly payment plans that may be available with no interest, no finance charges, and no credit check, as well as a few low-interest loan options.

Contact us with additional questions by 210-635-7577