Lintel Repair & Restoration Services in San Antonio, TX

Improve the Appearance & Integrity of Your Home

When the lintels above your garage, doors, or windows start to fall apart, you may find yourself dealing with cosmetic issues and safety concerns. Our San Antonio repair team offers complete lintel repair and restoration services. If you have lintels supporting bricks, stone, or other materials that are buckling or cracking, MitchCo can help with our exceptional lintel repair service.

What Are Lintels?

Lintels support various materials; you can probably find them all over your property. They are a beam located above a door or window that supports the vulnerable points in a structure. MitchCo specializes in repairing lintels above doors, windows, and garages.

What Is Lintel Repair & Restoration?

When the lintel above your door, window, or garage begins to deteriorate, it is hazardous to the structural stability of your home. When the material that makes up your lintel is damaged, our professionals can remove the damaged pieces and repair the lintel. Sometimes, the lintel will need to be replaced if the damage is too severe.

Lintel Repairs & Restoration in San Antonio, TX

Garage Lintel Repair

Typically, the garage is the heaviest moving component of a home. Therefore, damaged lintels above your garage can be particularly dangerous. We offer services to repair the lintels quickly and efficiently above your garage door to minimize the risk of injury or further damage.

Door Lintel Repair

It is crucial to keep the lintel above your doors intact, as you frequently use your front or back door. Damaged lintels above your front door pose a great risk to your safety and the condition of your home, and can also take away from the appearance of your home. The MitchCo team can get this issue taken care of.

Window Lintel Repair

There are several dangers associated with windows. Therefore, they’re exceptionally important to maintain, especially if you have children in your home. Faulty lintels that support brick or stone can cause injury to your family or deteriorate your home. Don’t hesitate to call MitchCo Foundation Repair to have them repaired or replaced.

Signs That Lintel Is Damaged

Several key signs may indicate that your lintel needs to be repaired or replaced. Visible rust, cracks, and deterioration are the most common signs. You may also notice that your lintel has expanded or warped. Perhaps there are cracks in the surrounding wall areas, or you’ve seen a leak. These are all evidence that your lintels need to be tended to.

The Importance of Lintel Repair or Replacement

Lintels play a significant role in your home, as they provide support for at-risk structural areas. A damaged or deteriorating lintel weakens your building’s weight-bearing support system, which can cause structural damage and expensive repairs. Lintels needing repair or replacement may also be dangerous, as they can collapse and injure you or your family.

Lintel Repair & Restoration Services in San Antonio, TX

Benefits of Lintel Repair & Restoration

When you trust our professionals to repair or replace your home’s lintel, you will have peace of mind knowing your home is in optimal structural condition and does not pose a threat to you or your family. Repairing lintels before the damage is too severe also saves you money in having to replace them entirely.

Lintel Repair Cost & Time

Garage door lintel repair cost will be different from window lintel repair cost, as the price of our services relies on the project size, and the same goes for the time it will take our experts to complete the work. We ensure our prices are affordable, with payment plans offered, and our projects are completed promptly.

 Our Services

With more than three decades of professional experience, our family-owned and operated business allows San Antonio and surrounding area customers to feel safe and secure with the quality of the foundation of their homes. We are here to assess the damage and make expert recommendations to keep your home beautiful and safe.

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