Chemical Injection Soil Stabilization in San Antonio, TX

Trusted Soil Injections in San Antonio

The stability and structural integrity of your home’s foundation relies greatly on the soil surrounding the perimeter of your home. That’s why MitchCo Foundation Repair provides homeowners in San Antonio, TX with quality chemical injection soil stabilization solutions that promote long-term protection for your home, mitigating the risk of foundation repair and costly damage.

Protecting Your Foundation

Soil Injection Services in San Antonio, TX

In San Antonio, soil conditions can vary, leading to the instability of your home’s foundation due to the expansion and contraction of the soil surrounding it. With time, this can lead to damage, which is why we provide chemical injection soil stabilization, custom-tailored to the needs of your home, ensuring your soil will not negatively impact your foundation.

Understanding Soil Injections

Soil injections are an effective solution to deter soil expansion that can harm the foundation of your property. Our water-soluble, non-toxic chemical injection soil stabilization solutions are carefully injected into the earth surrounding your property to prohibit the soil from absorbing excess moisture, helping to alleviate soil swelling to safeguard your foundation from damage.

The Benefits of Soil Injections

Soil injections boast several unrivaled benefits for your home, including:

  • Decrease the risk of foundation damage by minimizing soil swell and shrink cycles
  • Long-term protection and quality soil stabilizer results
  • Increase and strengthen the density of your soil
  • Limit structural movement to deter cracks
  • Cost-effective

How Soil Injections Work

Soil injections are placed around the perimeter of a home’s foundation using specialized soil injection equipment that penetrates deep within the clay beneath the soil to prohibit water absorption and clay swelling. This process creates a moisture barrier, mitigating the soil and clay’s swell and shrink cycles to alleviate the risk of foundation upheaval.

Our Soil Stabilizer Process

MitchCo Foundation Repair applies a meticulous step-by-step process to ensure successful soil stabilizer results, which includes:

  • Evaluation of the soil to identify weak points
  • Soil Injections selection based on your home’s requirements
  • Soil injections process
  • Review and adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency and long-term results

When to Use Soil Injections

Soil injections are ideal for homes that have experienced slight upward foundation movement in a small area beneath the foundation. Soil injections are suitable for uplifts of 1.5 inches or less. Although soil injections do not reverse uplift, they stop the uplift from worsening or spreading, helping to mitigate the risk of costly repairs and future damage.

Is Soil Injection Harmful to the Environment or Toxic to People?

We use non-toxic, water-soluble chemical injection soil stabilization products, ensuring no harm to the environment surrounding your home and that your family and guests are protected from harmful toxins. Additionally, our soil injections serve as fertilizers and promote your property’s health.

How Long Do Soil Injection and Soil Stabilizer Last?

Your soil injections will last for quite some time. However, the exact timeline depends on several factors, including the condition of your soil, and your home’s maintenance practices. With regular maintenance, you can expect the results of your soil injections to provide long-lasting protection.

Schedule Your Soil Stabilizer Today

When you need safe, cost-effective, and quality soil injections that boast long-term results, you need MitchCo Foundation Repair. As leaders in foundation services, we provide industry-leading products and time-honored techniques to ensure your home’s specific soil-related foundation issues are handled with the utmost care and precision, ensuring lasting comfort and peace of mind. Invest in the protection and stability of your home’s foundation with the help of soil injections and San Antonio, TX’s trusted professionals at MitchCo Foundation Repair. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your foundation needs and schedule your soil injections service.