Foundation Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Comprehensive Home Foundation Inspection in San Antonio

Your home’s most fundamental support system is your foundation, and as foundation discrepancies do not always offer immediate warning signs, home foundation inspection services become an essential tool to help you protect your home. That’s why San Antonio, TX customers choose MitchCo Foundation Repair to safeguard their properties.

Foundation Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Smart Investments for a Structurally Sound Home

Although a home foundation inspection may seem unnecessary, it’s important to note that one-third of all home buyer claims are linked to foundation discrepancies. As such, a home foundation inspection is an investment that mitigates future expenses, complex repairs, and safety risks that offset the performance and comfort of your home.

Protect Your Foundation with Ease

MitchCo Foundation Repair provides comprehensive home foundation inspection solutions that help homeowners detect areas of concern that may lead to a great deal of damage and expenses when left unaddressed. Combining decades of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure comprehensive service that promotes lasting stability and durability for your home.

Foundation Inspection Process

When you rely on our home foundation inspection, our professionals will arrive with a thorough inspection checklist to guide us as we collect all the necessary data required to draw an accurate conclusion on the health of your foundation. We inspect inside and outside the home to detect minor to complex issues hidden within your property.

Foundation Inspection Checklist

With our meticulous approach to home foundation inspection services, we closely follow our checklist to ensure precision and accuracy. Our checklist includes:

  • Full inside and outside home assessment profile
  • A scaled drawing of your property
  • Locations of each area of concern
  • A comprehensive service plan to resolve repair needs
  • Foundation repair cost estimate

What To Expect From a Foundation Inspection

When you rely on MitchCo Foundation Repair for your foundation inspection, you can expect a quality service that targets each area of your home that may be affected by a compromised foundation. Our experienced professionals will carefully assess the following:

  • The foundation
  • Floor slabs
  • Retaining walls
  • Structural steel
  • Drainage system
  • And more

The Importance of a Foundation Inspection

Foundation inspection services are the key to maintaining the structural integrity, safety, and longevity of your property, helping you combat further deterioration and costly expenses that hinder the comfort and performance of your home. By allowing our team to address damage promptly, you can mitigate repairs and gain total peace of mind knowing your home is safe and healthy.

Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Foundation Inspection

Foundation issues may offer several warning signs that indicate it’s time to contact MitchCo Foundation Repair for a foundation inspection, including:

  • Cracks above the door and window frames
  • Ill-fitted cabinets and doors that won’t close properly
  • Uneven flooring
  • Moisture buildup in your crawl space
  • Cabinets and counters detaching from the wall
  • Cracks on exterior walls

Foundation Inspection When Buying or Selling Your Home

The foundation inspection is crucial when preparing to list your home or buy a new one. For homeowners looking to sell, it serves as a preventative solution that allows you to address areas of concern before they bring down your home’s resale value. For buyers, foundation inspections keep you from making a poor investment and losing money on significant repairs.

Choose MitchCo Foundation Repair

With MitchCo Foundation Repair, you can rest assured that your home will be treated with professionalism and diligence. Backed by years of experience, we take pride in offering full-stack services that promote optimal structural integrity and safety for your property while keeping you informed on issues we may find and the most suitable course of action to protect your home. Whether you plan to list your home, buy a new one, or want to ensure your home is safe and stable, MitchCo Foundation Repair is here to provide you with the trusted home foundation inspection services you need. Contact our team today to plan for your home foundation inspection.