Deep Root Barrier Systems in San Antonio, TX

Protecting construction and landscape development projects from the forces of nature is a balancing act. Fortunately, MitchCo Foundation Repair is here to guide you. Discover deep root barrier installation that mitigates the impact of unpredictable tree root expansion to preserve the integrity of your residential or commercial foundation in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas.

What Is a Root Barrier System?

Deep Root Barrier Systems installation in San Antonio, TX
Expansive tree roots can infiltrate foundations, below slab sewer systems, underground utilities, landscapes, hardscapes, and beyond. To prevent the impact, costly damage, and safety hazards of these occurrences, consider a tree root barrier system. These protective shields are designed to guide the growth of tree roots away from structures to uphold the property’s integrity.

The Role of a Deep Root Barrier

As tree roots grow, their roots begin to extend beneath foundations and other critical landscape features. This causes the supporting soil to compact, rapidly sinking the foundation of the property. However, with a strategically installed deep root barrier, the direction of root growth can be controlled and re-routed to minimize the risk of damage.

Exploring Deep Root Barrier Options

There are two types of root barriers for trees: chemical and physical. Chemical deep root barrier systems involve applying specific substances that hinder tree root growth, serving as a virtually undetectable, underground safety shield. In contrast, physical root barrier systems involve vertically installing physical barriers made from plastics or metal to re-route root growth.

Advantages of Deep Root Barrier Systems

Deep root barrier systems are the first line of defense against harmful tree roots. The advantages of these proactive systems include:

  • Greater foundation protection
  • Promote long-term structural integrity and stability
  • Safeguard driveways, sidewalks, and paved surfaces
  • Protect underground utility lines
  • Mitigate costly property damage
  • Boost the safety of your property

Common Deep Root Barrier Applications

Deep root barrier applications are incredibly versatile. These installations are commonly used for the following:

  • Residential Properties – Foundations, landscapes, hardscapes, pools, irrigation systems, and more.
  • Commercial Developments – Buildings, parking lots, underground utilities, landscapes, and hardscapes.
  • Public Infrastructure – Roadways, underground utilities, sidewalks, and urban developments.
  • Recreational Areas – Public landscapes, playgrounds, trails, parks, and more.

Our Approach to Tree Root Protection

At MitchCo Foundation Repair, we are committed to upholding our environmental responsibility. That’s why we provide the gold standard of tree root protection with physical, deep root barrier installation made from durable, eco-friendly plastic. By eliminating chemical applications, we minimize environmental impact, promoting a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

Deep Root Barrier Installation Process

Root barrier installation begins with an evaluation to detect areas of concern and root growth. This assessment determines the necessary level of protection and the appropriate barrier type. Next is excavation to create space for the installation, followed by backfilling to restore the property to its original condition with the added benefit of root protection.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Without experience and extensive knowledge, deep root barrier installation can do more harm than good. To mitigate risks, leave it to MitchCo Foundation Repair. Our approach is custom-tailored to your property’s soil condition, tree type, and other factors and strategically implemented with the utmost precision to eliminate underground root expansion while maintaining above-ground tree shape.

Choose MitchCo Foundation Repair

With over 25 years of experience and a passion for foundation and landscape solutions, choose MitchCo Foundation Repair for your deep root barrier installation. As a family-owned and operated company, we form relationships built on trust, transparency, and attentiveness. Combining premium workmanship and time-honored skills, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions no matter your needs.

Let’s Discuss Your Deep Root Barrier Options

Preserve the beauty of nature without compromising on the structural integrity of your property. It’s time to get proactive about safety and long-term protection with deep root barrier systems and MitchCo Foundation Repair. Experience the power of preventative protection with our experts in San Antonio, and contact our team today to get started.