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Reliable Drainage Services & Drainage Repair in San Antonio, TX

Foundation drainage solutions keep water away from your home’s walls and foundation, prevent water damage, and maintain your home’s structural integrity and value. Whether water is leaking from your home’s rain gutters or due to a burst pipe or water leak, your home’s drainage system will direct the water safely away from your home so it won’t cause damage. At MitchCo Foundation Repair, our experienced foundation drainage contractors can design, inspect, test, and repair drainage systems. We have extensive experience working on drainage systems for homes and properties of all sizes. Our professional, reliable drainage service and drainage repair in San Antonio, TX, will maintain your property’s comfort, safety, and value. Call us today to schedule a consultation for foundation and drainage repair services.Drainage Correction in San Antonio

Protect Property from Water Damage With Drainage Service

When water drains off of your home, it needs to go somewhere. Without an effective drainage correction system, the water will seep into the ground at your home’s foundation, eventually causing water damage, structural issues, and mold and mildew growth. Our team of experienced drainage system repair contractors can design and implement comprehensive foundation drainage solutions that eliminate the risk of water damage. Our foundation and drainage repair services include designing structures that remove excess and runoff water from the ground around your home’s foundation. We either install pumps or use gravity to safely redirect the flow of water so it doesn’t pool up or seep into your home’s foundation. We carefully assess each home and property to identify the scale and level of drainage correction needed.

Watch for Signs You Need Drainage Repair Services

We offer comprehensive drainage repair services and foundation drainage solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes. Our foundation drainage contractors can inspect a home you’re planning on buying or selling or new construction to identify drainage issues and areas needing drainage correction or repair. We will also look for signs you need foundation repair services. Signs you need drainage system repair include:

  • Overflowing gutters.
  • Cracks in your walls or foundation.
  • Flooding in your home, yard, or basement.
  • Gurgling or sucking noises from drainage pipes or the drainage system.
  • A sudden infestation of bugs or rodents in your home, yard, or basement.
  • Downspouts that are dumping water too close to the foundation of your home.
  • Increased humidity in your basement or condensation around the basement windows.
  • Soil erosion, uprooted plants, or migrating mulch or landscaping gravel around your home’s exterior.
  • Water stains or signs of water damage in your basement: rotting or soggy wood, soggy carpet, wet spots on the floor or walls, mold or mildew growth, a musty odor, peeling or bubbling paint or plaster, warped or buckled flooring, a sagging ceiling, rust or corrosion, or pools of water around floor drains.

Review Our Comprehensive Drainage Services

  • Drainage Correction RepairIf your home already has a foundation drainage system, we can assess the system and determine if it is working efficiently and offering as much protection as is needed. Over time, home drainage systems can become less effective due to changes in regional weather patterns, soil erosion, heavy traffic that shifts the earth, and other factors outside your control. We will inspect your home for signs of drainage issues, water damage, and foundation problems and determine if you need drainage service, drainage repair, or drainage correction.
  • Drainage System RepairIf your home doesn’t have an efficient or effective drainage system in place, we will determine what type of foundation drainage solutions are right for your home. We can install a French drain, sump pump, gutter system, and other drainage systems, as well as waterproofing and foundation repair.
  • Foundation and Drainage Repair – If your home’s drainage issues have already caused water damage to your foundation, we can provide professional foundation and drainage repair services. Our foundation repairs are completed according to building codes and industry standards, and each team member has extensive training, education, and experience in proper foundation repair. We use only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment for foundation repair services.

Take Advantage of Our Drainage Correction Expertise

We have decades of experience in drainage correction and foundation drainage solutions. Our foundation drainage contractors work hard to establish the level of drainage correction each home needs and find the most effective, efficient drainage system solutions:

  • Yard drainage problems
  • Water drainage solutions
  • Foundation drainage solutions

Why Choose MitchCo Foundation Repair for Drainage Services

At MitchCo Foundation Repair, our team of talented, experienced contractors is committed to improving the safety, comfort, and value of every customer’s home. We have provided foundation drainage solutions and foundation and drainage repair in Texas since 1997 and have long been a trusted local business. We are family-owned and operated and specialize in the annual drainage system and foundation inspections, foundation repair for homes and businesses, drainage correction and repair, and general contracting services. Our goal is to provide high-quality workmanship using high-quality materials while offering exceptional customer service and staying on budget and schedule. We operate with honesty and integrity and will never recommend a service or product you don’t need.

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Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for drainage and foundation repair costs in San Antonio, TX. Our knowledgeable, friendly foundation drainage contractors can quickly assess your home, determine if you need drainage correction or drainage system repair, and look for signs of water damage or foundation issues.