Foundation Repair Servicing In San Antonio

Your foundation may sit out of sight, but it shouldn’t remain out of mind. A strong foundation is the basis on which any building rests, providing the support needed for long-term stability.
Foundation repair in San Antonio Foundation problems may start small, but can escalate quickly over time, causing widespread problems and damage. MitchCo Foundation Repair is here to help you maintain your concrete slab or pier and beam foundation in San Antonio with professional foundation repair services that always come with our service warranty.

Factors That Affect Your Foundation

There are many factors that play a role in the integrity and longevity of your foundation. Understanding the risks your foundation faces can help you take steps to minimize or reduce threats and recognize when you need foundation repair to correct an ongoing problem.

  • Drainage plays an important role in foundation health. When the drainage on your property is poor or inadequate, water can pool around your foundation, causing it to deteriorate over time.
  • The soil on which your property rests is also an important factor affecting the integrity of your foundation. If the soil was not properly compacted prior to construction or undergoes changes due to droughts and rainfall, any shifts will take your foundation along for the ride, causing settling, shifting, and other damage.
  • Tree roots can burrow through the concrete of your foundation in their search for water. Over time, these roots weaken the foundation and make it more susceptible to water, which causes further damage.
  • Weather can also play a part in negatively effecting your foundation. Hot and cold weather forces foundations to expand and contract, creating separation over time.

The Basics of Foundation Repair

Repairing your foundation may sound like a complex process, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be completed quickly and effectively to restore your property’s comfort and value. If your foundation needs repair, don’t wait—call MitchCo Foundation Repair at (210) 635-7577 to schedule an engineering evaluation so we can get started on foundation repair, drainage correction, or interior and exterior basement waterproofing today.

  • Your contractor will perform a thorough evaluation of your property and the land around it to determine the extent of the foundation damage and the cause behind it. Not only should foundation repair address damage, it should also prevent future problems.
  • In most cases, your foundation will need to leveling, which involves raising all parts of the building to eliminate any pitch. This process involves using hydraulic jacks to lift your home or office into the correct position, then stabilizing the foundation with piers to support it.
  • If your soil is a major contributor to foundation damage and settling, additional steps such as drainage correction and soil stabilization may help to prevent your foundation issues from recurring in the future.

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