Foundation repair process photos

See a visual step by step guide of the foundation repair process below.


Foundation Repair Process in San Antonio, TX

Let the pier placement begin – The MitchCo team digs holes to go under the structural grade beam.


During the digging process; caution tape is added around the areas of influence.

Holes Dug

Holes are prepped for materials with adequate spacing as approved by the state-licensed Engineer.

Materials for Foundation Repair

A portion of MitchCo materials arrive and implementation of hydraulic press begins.

Backfill and Cleanup Process by MitchCo Foundation Repair

Pre static hydro test is performed prior to any underpin or lifting of Foundation Slab. The cleanout located usually in front of the home is used to perform the test.

Foundation Pier Placement in San Antonio, TX Prestatic

Piers implemented and pressed for state-certified structural Engineer Inspection.

Hole Protection in San Antonio, TX

Holes protected overnight during the duration of the Foundation Repair project.

Back fill Foundation Repair in San Antonio, TX Backyard Foundation Repair by MitchCo

The backfill and cleanup process follows Approved state certified structural engineer inspection.

Hydro TestPost-Static-Hydro-Test

Post Static Hydro test is performed and the project completion form is completed by the homeowner(s).