How Weather Affects Your Foundation

Foundation Damage Check in San AntonioOne area of the home most homeowners tend to ignore when it comes to maintenance and repairs of the home is the foundation. Whether you have a basement or concrete slab, the foundation is an essential support structure for your home. From hot and cold temperatures to different weather conditions, these can pose problems for your foundation, which can lead to costly repairs.

Hot Weather

During the hot summer months and periods of drought, the dry air causes the water in the concrete to evaporate. This can lead to cracking and a weakening of the foundation. Hot weather also causes the soil to dry out, which can lead to foundation settling because there is less moisture in the soil. As a result, the foundation will “settle” or sink into the ground, resulting in an uneven foundation and cracks.

Rainy Weather Affecting Foundation in San Antonio

Rainy Weather

Any problems created during hot, dry periods of weather can cause problems once rain returns. Cracks or gaps in the foundation can allow the water to get under the home or into your basement, which causes flooding and further weakens the foundation. The water will also cause the cracks and gaps in the foundation to become bigger.

Not to mention, the underlying soil is often so dried out, it cannot reasonably absorb large amounts of water after prolonged dry spells, so it will become soft and mushy and could result in further “settling” or sinking of the foundation.

Cold Weather

While not that common, it can turn cold in San Antonio during the winter months, and we do occasionally get some snow. The colder temperatures can cause problems for your foundation in situations where there are already small cracks and gaps. As temperatures drop, concrete will contract slightly, until temperatures warm back up, when it will expand again. As such, any existing cracks and gaps can become larger.

Foundation Damage Check in San Antonio

How to Check Your Home for Foundation Damage

It is a good idea to get into the habit of performing a foundation inspection after especially long periods of hot, dry weather. Your home will exhibit certain characteristics that could indicate potential foundation damage, including:

1. Cracks and gaps in the foundation or basement floor and side walls.
2. The appearance of cracks on walls, ceilings, and stairways, and other upper levels of the home.
3. Doors and windows become difficult to open or close and seem overly tight.
4. You notice gaps and cracks around windows and exterior doors.
5. The roof looks like it is sagging, which is common in homes with severe foundation damage.
6. Large cracks and gaps in the soil around the exterior perimeter of the home.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is highly recommended you contact a professional foundation repair company, like us, here at MitchCo Foundation Repair, to get a second opinion. Discovering foundation damage sooner, rather than later, is less costly to repair and fix. For further questions about foundation damage or to arrange an in-home inspection, please call us at 210.485.1995 today!