Signs That Drainage Correction Could Be Jeopardizing Your Property

Drainage Correction Services in San AntonioWater is an extremely powerful element that can cause serious damage to your home and foundation. In order to avoid the need for foundation repair, you may want to schedule waterproofing and drainage correction services for your home. A contractor in San Antonio can evaluate the overall quality of your current drainage system and determine whether your existing gutter and drainage correction could be doing more harm than good. With expert drainage correction, you will be able to divert water away from the vulnerable areas of your home and foundation. Here is an overview of some signs that drainage correction could be jeopardizing your property. Drainage Correction Services in San Antonio

Overflowing Gutters

Proper home drainage starts with your gutters. When rain falls on your home’s roof, it will be diverted to your gutter and downspout system. If your gutters overflow when it rains, this is a sign that your home does not have proper drainage. By correcting your gutter problems, you may be able to direct water more efficiently throughout your drainage system.

Dumping Downspouts

When you are looking for signs of drainage problems around your property, you may also want to assess the performance of your downspouts. Downspouts that dump water around your home’s basement and foundation could be seriously compromising the structural integrity of your home. Puddles of water around your home’s foundation are a sure sign of a drainage and downspout issue. In order to improve your drainage and correct your downspouts, you may want to ask your contractor to install longer downspout pipes around your roof.

Water Stains and Leaks

You can also identify home drainage issues by looking at the interior condition of your home and basement. When your house has a drainage problem, you may find that your basement starts to develop water stains and leaks. Visible signs of water damage are a sure sign that your home is experiencing drainage issues. By correcting your drainage on the outside of your home, you can protect the quality and condition of its interior.