• Find the Steps for Basement Waterproofing

    Steps for Basement Waterproofing in San AntonioProtecting your Foundation in San Antonio The last thing any homeowner wants is to find puddles in the basement, which is why waterproofing near San Antonio is so important. Interior and exterior basement waterproofing can help you avoid the dangers of water damage, mold growth, and poor indoor air quality in your home. To determine what type of waterproofing is best for the situation, however, it is first necessary to identify the source of the problem. Continue on if you would like to learn about the steps of basement waterproofing.


    Drainage Problems

    A fully prepared homeowner will have a proper drainage system in place in order to prevent water from pooling around the foundation  of the home. Unfortunately, there are a few problems that may arise regarding these drainage systems if they are not maintained. Clogged gutters can lead water to overflow into the backfill, or the gutter may not extend past the backfill in the first place. If water is allowed to run or pool alongside your house rather than draining away from your foundation, it may seep into your home. It is particularly important to keep up on your drainage maintenance during the fall and winter months when leaves and snow are more likely to interfere with your drainage processes.


    In addition to drainage problems, you may experience water in your basement due to backfill saturation. This occurs because the soil that lies between your foundation and the natural earth is looser and more prone to absorbing water. As more and more water makes its way into this loose soil, more pressure is put on your foundation, and eventually, water seeps through the concrete. Your waterproofing company can address this problem by installing a drainage system inside your basement. In this case, water will enter the basement, but it will be removed before it can cause damage.

  • FAQs About Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in San Antonio

    A pier and beam foundation will provide your home with excellent structural integrity, while also providing you with a spacious crawlspace. Over the years and seasons, however, your pier and beam foundation will eventually require routine maintenance and repairs. A team of concrete contractors near San Antonio will have the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to restore your pier and beam foundation repair to excellent condition. To help you prepare for your foundation and concrete repair services, here is a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about pier and beam foundation repair.Pier and beam foundation repair experts in San Antonio, TX What are common causes of pier and beam foundation issues?

    In order to properly repair your foundation problem, it is important to identify your underlying repair problem. There are a few common causes of issues in pier and beam foundations. Improper initial installation of the piers can also lead to maintenance issues at a future date.

    One main potential issue with pier and beam foundations is the possibility of a drought. Droughts can cause settling of the posts or plumbing leaks, and excessive rain can cause a foundation to move or shift. Your foundation could permanently alter when there is a period of heavy rain followed by droughts for long periods of time. This could also cause your foundation to become unlevel and must then be structurally leveled and raised.

    How do I repair my pier and beam foundation?

    A pier and beam foundation repair is a major procedure that is best left to the professionals. During your foundation repair, your team of contractors will carefully inspect your foundation to determine the source of the damage. If improper drainage has caused the soil underneath your foundation to expand, it may be necessary to perform drainage correction services. A shoring installation can also help to stabilize a weakened foundation structure.

    Will my pier and beam foundation repairs be expensive?

    Some homeowners worry that foundation repair services will be cost prohibitive. If you neglect to repair your pier and beam foundation for too long, you may find that you have to schedule very costly repairs in the future. When you schedule a pier and beam foundation repair appointment today, your contractor will be able to work with you to help you create an affordable payment plan for your services.

  • Spotlight on Our Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Services

    When you are seeking a durable alternative to a conventional slab foundation, you may want to consider constructing a pier and beam foundation for your home. A pier and beam foundation in San Antonio will be durable enough to withstand shifting soil and exposure to water. At MitchCo Foundation Repair, we will be able to help you keep your pier and beam foundation in excellent repair.

    Our general contractors specialize in working with pier and beam foundations. If your foundation has shifted or developed other problems, we will be able to repair your pier and beam foundation and restore it to its original condition. Using our drainage correction techniques, we will also be able to prevent water from flowing underneath the crawlspace of your foundation. With our help, you can correct problems with your pier and beam foundation and make sure that future problems do not compromise the structural integrity of your home.

    Pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio

  • How to Keep Your Foundation in Great Condition

    Foundation Maintenance in San AntonioThe structural safety of your home rests on its foundation. Without preventative foundation repair from a licensed contractor, you may find that your pier and beam foundation starts to shift or collapse over time. A team of concrete contractors near San Antonio can provide you with all of the repair and maintenance procedures that are needed to ensure that your foundation lasts for many decades into the future. Let’s review some tips for keeping your foundation in great condition. Foundation Maintenance in San Antonio

    Check for Signs of Damage

    One of the best ways to stop minor foundation damage before it becomes serious is to regularly perform visual inspections of the exterior and interior of your home. When your foundation is experiencing structural issues, it may start to show signs of cracking in the walls or chipping. While minor cracks should not provide you with too much cause for concern, you should schedule immediate foundation repair if you start to notice large cracks forming in the walls on the exterior of your home.

    Ensure Proper Drainage

    Water is one of your foundation’s worst enemies. During a major rainstorm, your foundation can experience serious damage if water is allowed to pool around its exterior. There are a couple of methods that you can use to improve the drainage around your foundation. First, you will want to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are functioning correctly. It may also be necessary for your contractor to build a special drainage solution around the perimeter of your foundation.

    Schedule Annual Inspections

    Your foundation contractor will have special training that will allow him to easily detect when your foundation is starting to experience structural problems. To make certain that your foundation is in great condition, it is a terrific idea to set up foundation inspections every year or so. During the inspection process, your contractor will take note of any areas that look like they could be starting to weaken or break. If significant damage is detected, you can start on the repair process right away.

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repairs

    Because it’s out of sight, a home’s foundation is also out of mind for many people. However, ignoring your foundation can set you up for a wide range of problems. One important part of maintaining your foundation is repairing it at the first sign of a problem. If you’re in need of foundation repair in San Antonio, then read on to learn about this service. Pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio

    The Role of Your Foundation

    When constructed properly and in good condition, a home’s foundation is what holds the structure above ground, insulates it against cold temperatures, keeps moisture at bay, holds back soil, and protects it from movements in the surrounding land. Without a good foundation, your home becomes vulnerable to a wide range of structural and functional problems.

    What Affects Your Foundation

    The longevity and integrity of your home’s foundation rely on several things. First, you should know that drainage plays a critical role in the health of your foundation because too much water on your property can damage the concrete and lead to cracks and deterioration. Also, the state of the soil around your home can impact your foundation. Changes in the way the soil sits or a lack of proper compaction before its construction can result in shifting and settling that causes the foundation to crack. Lastly, tree roots can be an incredibly strong force, and as they seek out water, they can burrow through your foundation, weaken it, and leave it more susceptible to water damage.

    The Foundation Repair Process

    When you contact a foundation repair company, they will start the process by performing a thorough evaluation of your property to assess the land, inspect your foundation for damage, and identify the cause of the problem. Next, the foundation may require leveling and stabilization to restore its structure. Then, any necessary fixes will be performed. For some homes, soil stabilization and drainage correction will be needed to protect the repaired foundation from problems in the future.

  • How Poor Drainage Can Damage Your Home

    Proper Roof Drainage in San AntonioA French drain installation in San Antonio can improve your home’s drainage , but you should understand why this is so important for your property. A proper drainage system, as well as interior and exterior basement waterproofing, can protect your home from all kinds of damage. Poor drainage can lead to water pooling around your house, which can in turn cause water damage, mold, and other issues. This can ultimately affect the foundation of your home as well. Read on to see how poor drainage can damage your home. Proper Roof Drainage in San Antonio

    Water Damage and Mold

    When you experience a rain storm and notice that the moisture has collected around your house, you most likely have a drainage problem. Moisture that pools and collects in one area can become a harbor for bacteria and ultimately cause issues like water damage and mold. The longer the water is allowed to stay in one place, the more likely it will cause damage. Water damage can ruin your outdoor furniture and flood your garden, and moisture that seeps into your home can cause a mold problem that may quickly spread throughout your house. If you notice that you are in need of drainage correction, make sure you call your professional sooner rather than later.

    Foundation Damage

    In addition to water damage and mold, poor drainage can impact the structural integrity of your home. When water from a storm, a leak, or a sprinkler system remains on the ground around your home, it may eventually seep into the soil. Depending on your geographic location and the original consistency of the soil, this lack of drainage may cause serious issues. You may suffer foundation damage from your poor drainage, and you will need professional foundation repair in order to fix it. Seek drainage correction before water can pool around your home.

    Aesthetic Downgrade

    Although it may not be as serious as water damage, mold, and foundation issues can be, pooling water can take away from your home’s curb appeal. Without drainage correction, you might find swarms of bugs hovering over pools of water all over your property, which is not an inviting sight.

  • Questions to Ask Your Foundation Repair Specialist

    Blog ThumbnailFoundation repair serving San Antonio might sound like an extensive process, but it helps to understand the process so you can plan around it. You can start by doing research on your own, and then you can talk to your concrete repair professional to find out what the process will look like within the context of your circumstances. It’s also helpful to ask how to tell if your house has foundation problems in case future repairs are needed, as well as what types of factors impact the structural integrity of your foundation. Keep reading for the answers to questions to ask your foundation repair specialist. foundation - repair

    How does foundation repair work?

    You would never want to sign off on a service that you don’t understand, which is why it’s helpful to understand how foundation repair works. Foundation repair always starts with an initial consultation. This will give your contractor an opportunity to survey the damage and get to the bottom of what caused the problem. At this point your specialist can also decide whether or not foundation repair work is necessary. If it is necessary, your team of professionals will use different techniques to ensure that your home is level. They might then treat your soil and add a drainage correction system to prevent further problems.

    Does my house need it?

    If you have ever noticed cracks above your doors or sloping floors in your home or office building, you might have a problem with your foundation. Foundation issues can significantly impact the structural integrity of the building; if you do notice this type of issue, call for foundation repair as soon as possible. Other symptoms of foundation problems include trouble opening and closing windows and doors as well as mold in your basement.

    What factors should I consider?

    There are a few factors that might contribute to foundation problems, and one of them is your drainage system. If you do not have a drainage system that adequately displaces moisture from your foundation, it’s important to have one installed. Removing this water will keep it from changing the composition of the soil compacting your foundation.

  • Why Delaying Foundation Repair Is a Dangerous Strategy

    Blog ThumbnailThe quality and condition of your foundation may not cross your mind until a major problem arises. However, neglecting foundation repair can lead to serious problems in the structure of your home. Rather than waiting to set up foundation repair or drainage correction for your home, it is a great idea to hire a team of general contractors in San Antonio as soon as you realize that there is a problem. Regular foundation inspections can help you identify a repair issue before it is too late. Read on for a look at why delaying foundation repair is a dangerous strategy. Foundation damage & repair in San Antonio, TX

    Foundation Problems Only Get Worse

    If an inspection has revealed problems with your foundation, you may be tempted to leave the issue to be repaired later on. While your foundation is a solid, concrete structure, avoiding foundation repairs can only lead to the problem getting worse over time. For example, a small crack in your foundation can lead to major damage if repairs are not performed immediately.

    Foundation Damage Can Cause Other Problems

    The quality and condition of your home’s foundation can affect many other structures throughout your home. As your cracked or sagging foundation is left to sit over time, you may start to notice that your walls, ceilings, or floors are also damaged. To ensure that your home’s overall structural integrity remains intact, it is a good idea to act fast and schedule foundation repairs as quickly as possible.

    Foundation Repairs Can Become More Expensive

    In order to save time and money on your foundation repairs, you will want to set up professional repair services as soon as you possibly can. The longer you allow your foundation to sit without being repaired, the more expensive your repairs will be when they are finally performed. A foundation repair company can provide you with all of the services that you need to restore your foundation to great condition.

  • A Look at Drainage Correction Services for Your Property in San Antonio, TX

    Proper drainage is crucial for your home or business. Without drainage correction serving San Antonio , you might find water seeping into your home and causing problems like mold growth and water damage. Fortunately your contractor can help by installing a French drain or extra waterproofing, or even adjusting the slope and grading of your property so excess water can move to a safer location. Feel free to take a look ahead if you are interested in learning about drainage correction services for your property. Drainage correction services in San Antonio, TX

    French Drain

    The purpose of a French drain installation—and drainage correction services in general—is to direct water away from the building. When water from a rainstorm, flood, or plumbing leak is allowed to build up around the residence, you may find yourself dealing with all kinds of issues. Problems might include mold growth, water damage, interior flooding, and more. A French drain will make sure the water that would normally build up around your home will be directed to a safer location where it cannot bring about these undesirable effects. Talk to your foundation repair and drainage correction specialists to find out if a French drain is the right drainage correction service for your property.


    No matter where your excess water ends up, you don’t want to find it inside your home; this is where waterproofing comes in. Waterproofing keeps moisture from infiltrating your home. Whether the threat at hand is a flood, a leaky basement wall, or a sprinkler without a chaperone, you will want to make sure that no moisture makes its way into your house from the outside. Waterproofing will ensure that you don’t have moisture seeping in through your basement walls from the foundation, which can keep your home healthy and safe.

    Slope and Grading

    When water is allowed to collect around your home, it can seep into your foundation. Correcting the slope and grading is a great form of drainage correction because it keeps water from settling in a hazardous place. A property that slopes down and away from the house will easily redirect water.

  • What Are French Drains?

    French Drains in San AntonioWater damage is one of the most common reasons that homeowners schedule foundation repair. If water damage has affected the structural integrity of your pier and beam foundation, it may be time to hire a contractor in San Antonio to help you design an improved drainage solution for your home. A French drain installation can help water move safely and effectively away from your basement and foundation. With your French drain installation completed, you can rest assured that your foundation is protected from flooding and water damage. Read on for a look at what you need to know about French drains and your home. French Drains in San Antonio

    How French Drains Work

    French drains rely on remarkably simple principles to eliminate water from a home’s foundation. When a French drain is installed, your contractor will create a gravel filled trench for water to flow through. During a heavy rainstorm, water will naturally collect in this trench. As the trench fills with water, gravity will naturally pull the liquid down and away from your property where it can empty at a safe location away from your house.

    How to Choose a French Drain Site

    In order for a French drain to work effectively, it must be placed on an effective location on your property. For example, your contractor will need to choose a low lying area for the trench to flow toward. If your property does not have the proper slope, your contractor may choose a dry well or ditch as your drainage site.

    Signs You Need a French Drain

    To determine whether a French drain is right for your needs, it is important to be on the lookout for the signs of basement water damage. When you find that water gets into your basement on a frequent basis, you may be in need of a French drain installation. Additionally, French drains should also be included wherever there is a retaining wall. Your contractor can help you determine whether a French drain is right for you.