• Home Remodels That May Require Concrete Flatwork

    Blog ThumbnailBesides foundation repair and waterproofing services, companies that specialize in drainage correction in San Antonio sometimes offer concrete installation services as well. For this reason, you should contact your local foundation repair contractor when you’re in the process of home remodeling. There is a range of projects that may benefit from professional concrete flatwork installation .

    If you’re renovating your landscaping, then you may be planning to update your driveway. In this case, contacting a professional about installing the new driveway can help ensure that the project goes as planned and that you’ll have a driveway that provides years of function. Are you thinking about adding on a garage or remodeling your current one? If so, then you may need to contact a contractor about installing the concrete flatwork for the structure. The installation of new flooring, pool decks, ramps, sidewalks, and patios are a few more examples of when you should consider working with a professional for the concrete flatwork.

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  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repairs

    Because it’s out of sight, a home’s foundation is also out of mind for many people. However, ignoring your foundation can set you up for a wide range of problems. One important part of maintaining your foundation is repairing it at the first sign of a problem. If you’re in need of foundation repair in San Antonio, then read on to learn about this service. Pier and beam foundation repair in San Antonio

    The Role of Your Foundation

    When constructed properly and in good condition, a home’s foundation is what holds the structure above ground, insulates it against cold temperatures, keeps moisture at bay, holds back soil, and protects it from movements in the surrounding land. Without a good foundation, your home becomes vulnerable to a wide range of structural and functional problems.

    What Affects Your Foundation

    The longevity and integrity of your home’s foundation rely on several things. First, you should know that drainage plays a critical role in the health of your foundation because too much water on your property can damage the concrete and lead to cracks and deterioration. Also, the state of the soil around your home can impact your foundation. Changes in the way the soil sits or a lack of proper compaction before its construction can result in shifting and settling that causes the foundation to crack. Lastly, tree roots can be an incredibly strong force, and as they seek out water, they can burrow through your foundation, weaken it, and leave it more susceptible to water damage.

    The Foundation Repair Process

    When you contact a foundation repair company, they will start the process by performing a thorough evaluation of your property to assess the land, inspect your foundation for damage, and identify the cause of the problem. Next, the foundation may require leveling and stabilization to restore its structure. Then, any necessary fixes will be performed. For some homes, soil stabilization and drainage correction will be needed to protect the repaired foundation from problems in the future.

  • Answering Common Questions About Drainage Correction

    Home Drainage Correction in San AntonioHaving good drainage on your property is critical for protecting your home’s foundation. Are you thinking about taking advantage of drainage correction in San Antonio ? If so, then read on to learn the answers to common questions about this service. Home Drainage Correction in San Antonio

    Does my property need drainage correction?

    Several signs can indicate that water isn’t draining from your property efficiently. If you notice that the ground around your home is soggy after a storm, then this means the rainwater could be pooling around your foundation where it can lead to problems. Also, if you see water stains on the walls in your basement, then this indicates that water is not flowing away from your home. Similarly, signs of mold in your crawlspace or basement mean that there is too much moisture in the space, a problem which may be due to a lack of drainage. Finally, cracks in your foundation’s concrete or the walls of your home mean that something could be wrong with your foundation and that poor drainage may be to blame.

    What is subsurface drainage?

    The practice of improving drainage by allowing water to be alleviated through an underground drain of any kind is referred to subsurface drainage. A French drain, which uses an underground, perforated pipe to transport water away from an area, is an example of a subsurface drainage solution.

    What are my drainage correction options?

    The best drainage correction solution for your property’s needs will depend on the drainage problem that you’re facing. Some examples of modifications that can improve drainage include grading, ravines, swells, trenching, and positive sloping. French drains, under slab tunneling, slope correction, and basement waterproofing are also possible options.

    Why should I invest in drainage correction?

    Managing water is important for protecting your property, home, and belongings. When there is too much moisture in the soil surrounding your home, this can lead to problems like soil erosion, a cracked foundation, basement flooding, pest infestations, and mold growth. To help avoid the need for services like mold remediation, pest extermination, and foundation repair, providing your property with good drainage is essential.

  • MitchCo Foundation Repair on Home Foundation Problems

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    Your home’s foundation plays an important role in protecting and stabilizing the structure. Watch this video to hear Edward Mitchell of MitchCo Foundation Repair , a company which specializes in concrete installation, basement waterproofing, and foundation repair serving San Antonio, speak on common home foundation problems.

    Keeping your foundation level is essential for protecting its integrity. Settling floors, cracks in the walls, and poorly functioning windows are a few problems that indicate something is wrong with your foundation. MitchCo Foundation Repair is licensed, insured, and bonded and offers free foundation evaluations, so give them a call if you suspect that there is a problem with your foundation.