• What You Need to Know About Drainage Issues

    Have you noticed that your lawn is filled with puddles or even deep pools of water after it rains? If so, there’s a good chance that you have poor drainage on your property. This can lead to a series of problems, including the need for foundation repair. You should think about having waterproofing near San Antonio done so that water isn’t able to harm your home. You should also fix your drainage so that water doesn’t ruin your yard. Here is what you need to know about drainage issues. Drainage repair service in San Antonio

    Drainage issues might be the result of compacted soil in your yard.

    When water pools on top of your yard as opposed to penetrating down through your soil, it’s often because the soil is very compacted. This will prevent the water from getting into it and, instead of being absorbed into the soil, rainwater will simply sit on top of it. Aerating your lawn is one way to try and stop drainage from becoming a problem. However, if you aerate your lawn and still have an issue, you may need to consider installing a drainage system that allows for your yard to drain water more effectively.

    Drainage issues can affect your home’s foundation.

    If water is pooling in your yard, you might think it’s not a big deal. After all, as long as it evaporates eventually, there’s no harm in having water in your yard, right? Wrong. If the water sits too close to your home and comes into contact with your foundation, it can actually seep into it and cause everything from cracks to mold. You will almost certainly need to hire a contractor to come and do foundation repair if you don’t fix your drainage.

    Drainage issues can be fixed in many different ways.

    There are a handful of things you can do to try and fix your drainage issues. From checking your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are moving water away from your home to having a French drain installed near your home where water gathers, you can improve your drainage and protect your home’s foundatio

  • Choosing a Foundation in San Antonio, TX

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    When you are building a home, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is what type of foundation to use. Before you do, consider whether a concrete slab foundation or pier and beam foundation will work best for you. Watch this video to see which type of foundation you should have your contractor in San Antonio install.

    When making your decision, think about the possibility of having to do foundation repair in the future. A concrete slab foundation is cheaper to install than a pier and beam foundation initially, but it will be much easier to repair a pier and beam foundation later. You should also have a contractor take a look at your lot to see which foundation might make the most sense for your home. Be sure you’re making the right choice before you start building your foundation.

  • A Texan’s Guide to Home Foundations

    Concrete Slab Foundation in San Antonio

    There are many homeowners in Texas who are forced to call for San Antonio foundation repair as a result of problems with their home foundations. This is due in large part to the clay soil that many homes in the area are built on. The soil will often fill with water over time and then dry out, which will ultimately cause your home’s foundation to sink. You will need to have a company that does foundation repair serving San Antonio to help you with it. Check out some other things you should know about your home’s foundation.

    Concrete Slab Foundation in San Antonio The Causes of Foundation Problems

    Clay soil is just one of the things that can cause the need for foundation repair. You may also need to have foundation repair done if you have a concrete slab foundation that was not installed properly. A concrete slab foundation should be laid on top of limestone to avoid issues. If a contractor doesn’t put it on top of limestone or fails to prepare the site of your home properly by removing loose soil and tree roots, your foundation may shift or sink in the future.

    The Signs of Foundation Problems

    If you have a foundation problem, you will be able to identify it by looking for the signs of one. Cracks in interior and exterior walls, unlevel floors, and sticky windows and doors are just a few of the signs that will indicate the need for foundation repair. As your foundation shifts, your home will have trouble keeping up with it and will begin to show these signs on the inside and outside of your house.

    The Repairs for Foundation Problems

    One of the most effective ways to fix a faulty foundation is to install a pier and beam foundation . Piers will be driven down to the hard rock deep below your home and beams will be used to connect the piers and hold your home up. It’s an effective way to deal with any foundation issues you may encounter. Draining water away from your home can also prevent further problems in the future.

  • Should You Consider Lintel Repair Services?

    Lintel Repair Services in San Antonio

    Have you noticed cracking and sagging taking place towards the top of a garage, window, or doorway that has bricks, stones, or another material above it? If so, you may need to have a foundation repair company come to your home to offer lintel repair services. MitchCo Foundation Repair is experienced with foundation repair serving San Antonio and can also send someone to do lintel repair for you.

    A lintel is a structural support that is installed between two vertical supports whenever you are having something like bricks or stones put up. The lintel is designed to help provide support for the structure, but over time, it can begin to break down. When this happens, a foundation repair company needs to perform lintel repair to avoid a collapse from happening. A contractor can repair your lintels for you so that cracking and sagging don’t continue to take place. When you call on MitchCo Foundation Repair for help with your lintels, we will make sure they are fixed and strong again so that you don’t need to worry about experiencing any other problems with them.

    Lintel Repair Services in San Antonio