• How Are Properties Leveled During Foundation Repair?

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    When your home or office is in need of foundation repair, the process might seem complicated, but when left to the expert contractor in San Antonio , the repair can be done quickly and efficiently. First, consult your foundation repair expert to determine the exact cause of the problem. Most often, the problem with a damaged foundation comes from the ground underneath or around it. By looking for telltale signs, your contractor can determine the cause of the damage—such as unstable soil or drainage issues—and provide you with an effective solution, as well as a plan to prevent future damage.

    Once your contractor has evaluated the property, he will probably have to level the foundation. This requires using hydraulic jacks to lift the entire foundation. Once it is sufficiently raised, piers will be used to support it while the foundation is leveled. If there are further steps needed—drainage correction or soil stabilization—your contractor will address the issues. All in all, the process may seem complicated, but if you leave it to your trusted foundation repair experts, you won’t be disappointed.

    Expert Contractor in San Antonio

  • Examining Your Property for Foundation Issues

    Foundation Issues in San AntonioWhether you know you’re in need of foundation repair in San Antonio , or you make it a habit to inspect your home regularly, you should add “checking the foundation” to your list of regular home maintenance. If you can catch a small problem early, such as a crack or leak, it hopefully won’t turn into a much larger problem later. Here are some tips for examining your home for foundation issues.

    Foundation Issues in San Antonio

    Look Inside

    If you notice that doors or windows, which used to open easily, are jamming often or won’t close at all, you might be in need of a foundation repair. Cracks, inside and out, may be your biggest alarm that there is a problem, though. When you notice cracks appearing in your walls or in your tile—if it’s tiled over a concrete floor—you should make it a point to call a contractor who specializes in foundation repair. Also, check your basement or crawlspace. The posts and concrete supports, otherwise known as piers, should look straight and firm. If you notice any puddles or wet spots around the framing, you may have a problem with drainage coming into the foundation.

    Look Outside

    When you walk the perimeter of your foundation, stop at each corner and look down the line for any leaning walls or bulges. This might be a sign your foundation has shifted or your soil underneath the foundation is shifting. Consult a foundation repair contractor who can give you a definitive answer and suggestions.

    Check Your Concrete for Weaknesses and Cracks

    If you notice your concrete foundation is flaking or chipping, poke the concrete with a screwdriver. The concrete shouldn’t be damaged, but if it chips even more, call your contractor right away. The concrete might have originally been made from a bad mixture, and it’s possible you will need a new foundation. It’s normal for concrete to have a few cracks, but if you notice horizontal cracks, you may be in trouble. Call your concrete contractors to find out what the problem is and the estimate to fix it.

  • MitchCo Talks Foundation with the Better Business News Journal

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    Are you in the need of an expert-level foundation repair that comes with a lifetime guarantee? Look for the experts in San Antonio foundation repair near San Antonio.

    As Edward Mitchell, founder of MitchCo Foundation Repair, says in the video, if you notice your sheet rock, tile, or concrete developing cracks, you may be in need of a foundation repair. There are a variety of different systems that can be used to repair your foundation, such as a pier and beam or slab concrete foundation. Your contractor can give you a detailed evaluation, and you can go over the options that best fit your budget together. As Edward says, always put your trust in a licensed and insured contractor with plenty of experience in foundation repair.

  • Busting Myths About Foundation Repair

    Myths About Foundation Repair in San AntonioEveryone needs a strong foundation upon which to build, whether that be a relationship, career, or your home. Every once in a while that foundation may crack. It’s better to repair it sooner than later, but so many people allow the myths of foundation repair to stop them from taking action, or influence them into a poor decision. Don’t let these myths get the best of you when making your choice on foundation repair in San Antonio .

    Myths About Foundation Repair in San Antonio

    Myth: It’ll Be Too Expensive

    When it comes to foundation repair, there is the possibility it will be expensive, as with almost any home repair. In regards to foundation repair, it’s not always going to cost you thousands of dollars. The problem may only require a simple solution, such as drainage correction or filling in a crack. With cost in mind, once you’ve received your quote, don’t wait long to take action. Maybe the solution is inexpensive, and you don’t feel urgency to have the problem repaired quickly. Maybe the quote you received was higher than you hoped for, and you want to wait until you’re more financially secure. Both outcomes have a high possibility of costing you more money in the end. Foundation problems usually get worse over time; don’t hurt yourself more just because of price.

    Myth: I Found the Problem—Let’s Fill the Crack and Be Done!

    This is a combination of two myths: foundation cracks mean you’ve found the root of the problem, and if you fill up the crack you’ve solved that problem. Yes, filling up cracks with epoxy is usually needed and part of the repair your contractor will do, but those cracks might be a symptom of a bigger problem. That bigger problem may be on the other side of the house where the cracks aren’t showing because that’s where your soil shifted. There may a multitude of reasons, but the cause and reconstruction of your foundation repair needs to be left to the experts, your foundation repair contractors.

  • Why Poor Drainage is Damaging to Your House

    As long as the water isn’t leaking through the roof, you probably don’t give too much thought or concern to your home’s drainage. However, considering that water damage is the leading culprit of foundation problems and is responsible for millions of dollars in repairs each year, it’s important that you take steps to correct the drainage around your home. Consider some of the ways in which poor drainage can damage your home and then contact a drainage correction company in San Antonio to prevent major problems down the road. Drainage repairers in San Antonio, TX

    Water Damaged Basement

    If you have a basement, puddles or pooling water around your home’s foundation can eventually result in expensive water damage to your basement. Depending on the age and condition of the basement walls, the water that percolates through the soil can find its way through tiny cracks and holes around the basement. The added moisture can facilitate mold growth and further structural damage that can increase the risk for flooding, which itself can be expensive considering the water damage to furniture, electronics, and anything else you have in your basement.

    Foundation Problems

    The most serious threat from poor drainage is to your home’s foundation. In addition to pooling around your foundation and causing it to deteriorate over time, water that doesn’t properly drain away from your home can also cause the soil directly underneath your home to expand and contract. The shifting, swelling, and settling of the soil can cause the foundation to crack, which in turn can threaten the structural integrity of your entire home. If you recognize any of the warning signs of foundation damage , contact a foundation repair company to learn about your repair options and how drainage corrective services can prevent further foundation problems.

    To prevent these and other problems associated with poor drainage, contact a foundation repair provider in San Antonio who specializes in drainage correction services, which might include basement waterproofing, French drain installation, under-slab tunneling, and slop correction.