• An Overview of Home Foundations

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    Do you know what type of foundation your current home is sitting on? If not, you should familiarize yourself with it so that you know which signs to look out for when it comes to problems. If you ever need foundation repair from a contractor in San Antonio, knowing whether you have a concrete slab or a pier and beam foundation will come in handy. Watch this video to learn about different home foundations and how they operate.

    Your foundation is important because it supports everything inside of your home. A shifting or weak concrete or pier and beam foundation can cause cracking to take place in your home’s walls. Look out for any signs of foundation problems and obtain foundation repair from a licensed contractor as quickly as you can to keep your foundation issues to a minimum.

  • Examining a Crumbling Foundation

    Blog ThumbnailWhen it comes to foundation repair serving San Antonio , it is important to understand when your problems are cosmetic and when they are structural. Looking at your concrete with a trained eye can allow you to seek the repairs you need in a timely fashion and preserve the structural integrity of your home. Watch this video clip for a quick look at the process of examining a crumbling foundation.

    If you notice that the foundation of your home is not looking as clean and neat as it used to, your first instinct might be to panic. It is wise to take a closer look, however, and decide how serious the damage is. Crumbling flakes of paint and concrete are not good signs, but they do not necessarily indicate an emergency.

  • Spotlight On Drainage Correction

    Draining Correction Services in San AntonioNot all houses are designed to efficiently relocate water to a safe location, and this leads to serious problems and costly repairs for many homeowners. Fortunately these individuals can seek drainage correction and waterproofing near San Antonio to alleviate these concerns and enjoy the peace of mind that they deserve. Your professional drainage correction team can help you preserve the integrity of your concrete by removing excess water and moisture from the foundation of your home. Read on as we put the spotlight on drainage correction.

    Water that pools around the foundation of your home can quickly find its way inside your home. When moisture is Draining Correction Services in San Antonio allowed to sit within the walls of your basement or the floors of your living room, complications such as structural damage and mold growth may develop over time. Your drainage correction professionals can redirect water from the foundation of your home to a safer location where it will not cause any damage. Your team of specialists can perform a range of drainage correction services including French drains, grading, swells, and basement waterproofing. These techniques will keep water from entering your living space and hindering your home’s indoor air quality and structural soundness.

  • The Common Causes of Foundation Problems

    Signs of foundation problems can mean serious issues for your home, which is why it is important to identify the source of the problem and seek  foundation repair serving San Antonio immediately. A failing foundation can impair the structural integrity of your home and lead to water damage and mold growth. Common culprits of foundation problems include unstable soil below and around your concrete, faulty water drainage systems, and warning signs that go unnoticed. Continue on for a closer look at the common causes of foundation problems.

    Unstable Soil
    In order for your foundation to stay completely stable, the soil that lies below it and around it must be stable as Solutions for foundation problem in San Antonio, TX well. Unstable soil has a tendency to shift around, which is dangerous for your foundation. Your concrete foundation must stay level in order to avoid cracking, crumbling, and deteriorating, and unstable soil typically does not shift in a level manner. In the event that all of the soil around your foundation moves uniformly, your foundation should be fine. If your soil settles unevenly, on the other hand, you will likely notice a negative impact on your foundation. Shifting soil can even contribute to other foundation problems such as water drainage issues.

    Poor Water Drainage
    Water should never be allowed to pool around your home. Instead, it should be transported to the road using a drainage system. Water that pools or collects around the base of a house may seep into the soil that surrounds the foundation; this is especially likely if the soil around your foundation is unstable in the first place. From there it can make its way into your home, where it can cause a number of problems ranging from poor indoor air quality to loss of structural integrity.

    Unheeded Warning Signs
    Many homeowners allow their foundation problems to develop because they are unaware of the signs to look out for. Foundation problems might show up as cracks in your floor or separations in your windows and doors. Understanding these warnings is the first step in diagnosing and treating your foundation problems before they develop.