• Tips for Protecting Your Foundation from Water Damage This Spring

    Tips for Protecting Foundation in San Antonio

    When the spring months arrive in the state of Texas, you may find that your area receives heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions. By waterproofing your basement and scheduling foundation repair for your home, you can make sure that the lower levels of your home are protected from water damage during the spring season. A company that offers French drain installation in San Antonio will help you make sure that your property is ready to withstand heavy rain during the next few months. To highlight the importance of working with a reputable contractor, here is a look at some tips for protecting your foundation from water damage this spring. Tips for Protecting Foundation in San Antonio

    Clean Your Gutters

    You may be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to protect your foundation from water damage this spring is to make sure that your gutters are clean. During the winter months, falling leaves and tree branches can easily clog up your gutters or the downspout extension from your gutter. If you neglect to clean out your gutters properly, rainwater can flood the sides of your foundation.

    Schedule Drainage Correction

    Improper drainage can cause major water damage to your home’s foundation. If your property does not slope gently away from the sides of your foundation walls, you could be at risk of experiencing major flooding. With drainage correction services, your contractor will carefully adjust the slope of your property and make sure that rainwater is able to naturally flow away from your foundation. After your drainage correction services are completed, you can rest assured that your foundation is protected from damage.

  • The Link Between Tree Roots and Foundation Integrity

    Blog ThumbnailMature trees provide your landscaping with undeniable appeal. However, if your trees are planted too close to your pier and beam foundation, you may start to experience issues with the structural integrity of your home. If tree roots have started to damage your pier and beam foundation in San Antonio , you will want to get in touch with a team of concrete contractors. With professional concrete repair and foundation maintenance, you can make sure that your tree roots are not affecting the durability of your foundation.

    There are a few ways that mature tree roots can affect the integrity of your home’s foundation. When tree roots start to grow and spread, they can easily make their way through the soil that forms the base of your foundation. As the tree roots continue to grow, they may cause your foundation to shift, crack, and experience other serious issues. By planting trees within a safe distance from your foundation, you can ensure that your property is safe from structural harm.

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  • What Every Property Owner Should Know About Foundations

    When you invest in a new home or commercial property, it is essential to educate yourself about its various structural components. A pier and beam foundation is a common foundation style that is found in many properties around the country. A contractor that offers foundation repair and drainage correction serving San Antonio can make sure that your concrete foundation is being maintained correctly. To help you gear up for your next property purchase, here is a look at what every property owner should know about foundations. Professional foundation repairers in San Antonio, TX

    The signs of foundation damage are easy to spot

    As you are considering investing in a new building, you should be aware of any potential indicators of foundation damage. While a foundation inspection is the best way to unearth structural issues in a foundation, you may be able to notice the signs and symptoms of foundation issues on your own. If the building sags to one side, the foundation is starting to show visible cracks in the walls or doors are not closing properly, these are all indications of serious foundation damage.

    Many foundation issues can be corrected with proper repairs

    When you discover foundation problems in the building that you are thinking about purchasing, you should not necessarily be daunted by the prospect of performing foundation repairs. A foundation repair company can repair many different types of foundation problems and restore the structural integrity of the building. In fact, you might be able to get a good deal on a property that has visible signs of foundation issues.

  • Tips for Hiring a Contractor by MitchCo Foundation Repair

    Tips for Hiring a Contractor in San AntonioWhen you are in need of a foundation repair or drainage correction contractor, you will want to do your research before you make your decision. In this video from realtor.com, you will receive some essential tips and advice for choosing this contractor. To find a reputable contractor that repairs foundations and drains in San Antonio, you will want to check out the contractor’s customer reviews. It may also be a good idea to visit the contractor on a concrete repair jobsite.

    Once you have found a contractor that has great reviews, you will be ready to start the building or remodeling process. From foundation repair to waterproofing, there are many types of jobs that can be accomplished by a licensed contractor. Before you start work on your project, it is a good idea to review any contracts or documents carefully.

  • A Look at the Cash for Kindness Program

    As a company that has years of experience in foundation repair serving San Antonio, you’d expect it to be our primary concern at MitchCo Foundation Repair. While we take foundation repair extremely seriously, our real priority is taking care of our community in any way we can. The Cash for Kindness program gives our contractors the opportunity to give back to our customers, our neighbors, and those who strive to make a positive impact on our community. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to take a look at the Cash for Kindness program.

    Kind people don’t commit acts of kindness for the purpose of being rewarded, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be acknowledged for their contributions to society. This is why the team at MitchCo Foundation Repair has teamed up with our partners at Fox 29 to create the Cash for Kindness program. Through this program, we identify individuals who go above and beyond for their community and reward them for their deeds with cash. A successful, thriving community relies on its citizens to pick each other up and look out for their neighbors, and we are happy to reward them for doing so.

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  • Reasons to Call a Foundation Repair Contractor

    Foundation damage can make a massive impact on your home, but foundation repair serving San Antonio is not something you should undergo without a contractor. Foundation repair may not be the only service that your contractor offers, however. Your professional contractor may also help you with drainage correction so you can avoid foundation issues in the future, as well as waterproofing services that can keep your home dry, comfortable, and efficient. Here are a few reasons to call a foundation repair contractor. Foundation repair contractors in San Antonio, TX

    Professional Foundation Repair

    When you realize that you have foundation problems, you’ll want to figure out a solution as soon as possible. Foundation problems will make it difficult to use your doors and windows properly, as they might not align with their frames once the base of your home shifts. Unfortunately, foundation repair is not a task that you can take on by yourself. Thus, you will have to call your foundation repair contractor to ensure that the job is done properly. Make sure you choose a contractor that is licensed and insured, and work with professionals who will come back and check on your foundation in the future.

    Efficient Drainage Correction

    Many people experience foundation damage because they don’t have an efficient drainage system for their homes. This means that instead of directing water away from the base of the home, moisture is allowed to pool there. The good news is that your foundation repair contractor can offer drainage correction options like French drain installation. This ensures that any water collected in your gutters will be sent to a safe location rather than pooling around the home. With professional drainage correction from your foundation repair contractor, you can enjoy a dryer, a more sanitary, and a more structurally sound home.

    Interior and Exterior Protection

    Your foundation repair contractor may also provide you with interior or exterior basement waterproofing. This helps to prevent water from seeping into your foundation from the soil that surrounds it, which means you’ll be less likely to experience a mold problem in or around the home. Talk to your foundation repair specialist about your options.


  • Learn More From Our Owner About Our Services in San Antonio, TX

    MitchCo Services in San Antonio

    When you’re in need of foundation repair serving San Antonio, it’s crucial that you find a qualified company to work with. Not all general contractors are equally capable of helping you with your foundation problems, so make sure you do your research. Watch this video if you would like to hear about MitchCo Foundation Repair and how we can help from our owner.

    Finding cracks in your floor and sheetrock can be a pain, but the team at MitchCo Foundation Repair is happy to help restore your foundation. We will take a look at your situation and offer you a free evaluation and consultation so you can decide how to proceed. Our team will also guarantee its work with a lifetime warranty, and we’ll even call you when it’s time for an inspection. We are happy to work with your budget and will do our best to find the right foundation repair technique for your needs.

  • Spotlight on Trenching for Drainage Correction

    Improper drainage can lead to a host of problems for your household, and it can be especially damaging to your foundation. However, drainage correction serving San Antonio can help you keep your foundation safe and dry , which is crucial if you want to protect your home’s structural integrity. Drainage correction is not the easiest task to handle on your own, so you’ll need to work with your concrete specialist to ensure that you get the results you desire. Feel free to take a look ahead as we shine the spotlight on trenching for drainage correction. Drainage correction services in San Antonio, TX

    Why You Need It

    Your foundation is at the mercy of the soil surrounding it; if the soil lets in water, moisture can seep through the foundation walls and enter your home. You are particularly susceptible to this problem if your home does not have a proper drainage system. If you notice water pouring off of your roof and over your gutters directly onto the ground surrounding your house every time it rains, you are not doing your foundation any favors. This creates annoying puddles around your home, and it allows water to seep into the ground and affect the composition of your soil. Don’t hesitate to call your drainage correction specialist if this is happening on your property.

    How It Works

    Trenching is one form of drainage correction that seeks to displace the water that would land around the base of your house to a safer location. By modifying the level of the ground, your foundation repair and waterproofing professional can ensure that water does not pool around your home and seep down into your foundation. This can save you the trouble of dealing with a mold problem in the basement, thus keeping your home and family healthier.

    Who Can Do It

    You will need your foundation repair specialist to help you with a drainage correction technique like trenching. When done properly, trenching can protect your home from a range of moisture-related issues; when done improperly, however, it can exacerbate your problems on top of being a waste of time and money.

  • The Cost-Saving Advantages of Foundation Repair

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    While foundation repair requires an initial investment, scheduling foundation repair services for your home can save you significantly in the long run. When you watch this video from MitchCo Foundation Repair, you will learn all about the signs that your home needs immediate foundation repair services. With drainage correction and foundation repair from a qualified contractor in San Antonio, you can avoid some of the structural problems that are associated with foundation issues.

    Some of the signs that your home needs foundation services include sagging floors, cracking walls, and water stains in the basement. With a consultation from a licensed foundation contractor, you will have a detailed idea of what types of services are needed to fully repair your foundation.

  • Concrete Flatwork Installation from MitchCo Foundation

    When you are gearing up for a home remodel, you may want to hire a team of experienced contractors to perform concrete flatwork installation services for your home. From a concrete patio to a new driveway and more, the experts at MitchCo Foundation Repair can help you create a variety of beautiful concrete surfaces around your property. Along with our pier and beam foundation repair near San Antonio, we are also licensed to perform a variety of concrete flatwork installation services.

    With help from our concrete contractors, you will be able to create stylish and durable flatwork around your property. Our team will use innovative techniques to make sure that your concrete work is smooth, level, and beautiful. We specialize in major projects, such as pool deck installations, as well as more minor concrete work, such as small concrete slabs. Be sure to get in touch with our contractors to set up a consultation for your concrete flatwork installation.

    Concrete flatwork installation in San Antonio