• A Look at the Cash for Kindness Program

    As a company that has years of experience in foundation repair serving San Antonio, you’d expect it to be our primary concern at MitchCo Foundation Repair. While we take foundation repair extremely seriously, our real priority is taking care of our community in any way we can. The Cash for Kindness program gives our contractors the opportunity to give back to our customers, our neighbors, and those who strive to make a positive impact on our community. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to take a look at the Cash for Kindness program.

    Kind people don’t commit acts of kindness for the purpose of being rewarded, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be acknowledged for their contributions to society. This is why the team at MitchCo Foundation Repair has teamed up with our partners at Fox 29 to create the Cash for Kindness program. Through this program, we identify individuals who go above and beyond for their community and reward them for their deeds with cash. A successful, thriving community relies on its citizens to pick each other up and look out for their neighbors, and we are happy to reward them for doing so.

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  • How Poor Drainage Can Damage Your Home

    Proper Roof Drainage in San AntonioA French drain installation in San Antonio can improve your home’s drainage , but you should understand why this is so important for your property. A proper drainage system, as well as interior and exterior basement waterproofing, can protect your home from all kinds of damage. Poor drainage can lead to water pooling around your house, which can in turn cause water damage, mold, and other issues. This can ultimately affect the foundation of your home as well. Read on to see how poor drainage can damage your home. Proper Roof Drainage in San Antonio

    Water Damage and Mold

    When you experience a rain storm and notice that the moisture has collected around your house, you most likely have a drainage problem. Moisture that pools and collects in one area can become a harbor for bacteria and ultimately cause issues like water damage and mold. The longer the water is allowed to stay in one place, the more likely it will cause damage. Water damage can ruin your outdoor furniture and flood your garden, and moisture that seeps into your home can cause a mold problem that may quickly spread throughout your house. If you notice that you are in need of drainage correction, make sure you call your professional sooner rather than later.

    Foundation Damage

    In addition to water damage and mold, poor drainage can impact the structural integrity of your home. When water from a storm, a leak, or a sprinkler system remains on the ground around your home, it may eventually seep into the soil. Depending on your geographic location and the original consistency of the soil, this lack of drainage may cause serious issues. You may suffer foundation damage from your poor drainage, and you will need professional foundation repair in order to fix it. Seek drainage correction before water can pool around your home.

    Aesthetic Downgrade

    Although it may not be as serious as water damage, mold, and foundation issues can be, pooling water can take away from your home’s curb appeal. Without drainage correction, you might find swarms of bugs hovering over pools of water all over your property, which is not an inviting sight.

  • Reasons to Call a Foundation Repair Contractor

    Foundation damage can make a massive impact on your home, but foundation repair serving San Antonio is not something you should undergo without a contractor. Foundation repair may not be the only service that your contractor offers, however. Your professional contractor may also help you with drainage correction so you can avoid foundation issues in the future, as well as waterproofing services that can keep your home dry, comfortable, and efficient. Here are a few reasons to call a foundation repair contractor. Foundation repair contractors in San Antonio, TX

    Professional Foundation Repair

    When you realize that you have foundation problems, you’ll want to figure out a solution as soon as possible. Foundation problems will make it difficult to use your doors and windows properly, as they might not align with their frames once the base of your home shifts. Unfortunately, foundation repair is not a task that you can take on by yourself. Thus, you will have to call your foundation repair contractor to ensure that the job is done properly. Make sure you choose a contractor that is licensed and insured, and work with professionals who will come back and check on your foundation in the future.

    Efficient Drainage Correction

    Many people experience foundation damage because they don’t have an efficient drainage system for their homes. This means that instead of directing water away from the base of the home, moisture is allowed to pool there. The good news is that your foundation repair contractor can offer drainage correction options like French drain installation. This ensures that any water collected in your gutters will be sent to a safe location rather than pooling around the home. With professional drainage correction from your foundation repair contractor, you can enjoy a dryer, a more sanitary, and a more structurally sound home.

    Interior and Exterior Protection

    Your foundation repair contractor may also provide you with interior or exterior basement waterproofing. This helps to prevent water from seeping into your foundation from the soil that surrounds it, which means you’ll be less likely to experience a mold problem in or around the home. Talk to your foundation repair specialist about your options.


  • What San Antonio Residents Need to Know About Foundation Repair

    Foundation Repair in San Antonio

    Not everyone is an expert in foundation repair serving San Antonio , but there are some things that everyone should know about the process of hiring a contractor and restoring your house. The foundation is what keeps your home level, and your contractor can ensure that it stays that way. Watch this video clip on what San Antonio residents need to know about foundation repair.

    When the soil surrounding your foundation shifts, it fails to support your home in the way that it should. This can be extremely detrimental to your home’s structural integrity as well as make it difficult to open and close your windows and doors properly. Foundation repair seeks to level out your foundation again by raising the structure to its initial position. You’ll need the help of a contractor, so choose someone who is licensed, insured, and willing to stand by the work that has been done.