• Recognizing Signs of Foundation Issues in San Antonio, TX

    Every home needs a strong, sturdy foundation. Unfortunately, a foundation can begin to settle over time, due to causes as varied as poor drainage, shrinking concrete, and invasive tree roots. Whatever the cause, if your home’s foundation is showing any signs of weakening or deteriorating, it’s time to call a foundation repair professional in San Antonio. It’s important for every homeowner to know the warning signs of foundation trouble. If you are having trouble shutting your doors or windows completely, it could be due to a sinking foundation. A floor that seems to slope or feels otherwise unlevel may also indicate a foundation issue. Cracks in your concrete floor, especially in the basement or ground level of your home, are a strong sign of a foundation problem. You should also be sure to check for cracks above doorways and the corners of rooms, which can be caused by a settling foundation.

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  • The Importance of Lintel Repair

    A lintel is a supportive beam that sits across the top of a door or window, either as decoration or for load bearing purposes. In most homes, the largest lintel lies across the top of the garage door. If your garage door’s lintel weakens over time or if there is insufficient support for it, it can result in cracks or other damage to the surrounding bricks. These problems won’t just affect the appearance of your lintel; they can also be hazardous. The stability of your lintel may also be compromised if it was not properly installed in the first place. If you notice that your lintel is sagging or cracked, it’s a definite sign that you should contact a professional for help as soon as possible. If it’s time to call for lintel repair , an experienced contractor in San Antonio can provide you with the expert repair services you need.

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  • A Look at Drainage Correction Services for Your Property in San Antonio, TX

    Proper drainage is crucial for your home or business. Without drainage correction serving San Antonio , you might find water seeping into your home and causing problems like mold growth and water damage. Fortunately your contractor can help by installing a French drain or extra waterproofing, or even adjusting the slope and grading of your property so excess water can move to a safer location. Feel free to take a look ahead if you are interested in learning about drainage correction services for your property. Drainage correction services in San Antonio, TX

    French Drain

    The purpose of a French drain installation—and drainage correction services in general—is to direct water away from the building. When water from a rainstorm, flood, or plumbing leak is allowed to build up around the residence, you may find yourself dealing with all kinds of issues. Problems might include mold growth, water damage, interior flooding, and more. A French drain will make sure the water that would normally build up around your home will be directed to a safer location where it cannot bring about these undesirable effects. Talk to your foundation repair and drainage correction specialists to find out if a French drain is the right drainage correction service for your property.


    No matter where your excess water ends up, you don’t want to find it inside your home; this is where waterproofing comes in. Waterproofing keeps moisture from infiltrating your home. Whether the threat at hand is a flood, a leaky basement wall, or a sprinkler without a chaperone, you will want to make sure that no moisture makes its way into your house from the outside. Waterproofing will ensure that you don’t have moisture seeping in through your basement walls from the foundation, which can keep your home healthy and safe.

    Slope and Grading

    When water is allowed to collect around your home, it can seep into your foundation. Correcting the slope and grading is a great form of drainage correction because it keeps water from settling in a hazardous place. A property that slopes down and away from the house will easily redirect water.

  • Touring the Common Causes of Foundation Damage

    As important as foundation repair serving San Antonio may be, it may be even more important to determine why the problem occurred in the first place; the more you know about foundation damage, the less frequently you’ll need to call for concrete repair. You might experience damage to your foundation due to issues with your soil, poor drainage, or leaks in your plumbing system. Read on ahead if you are interested in touring the common causes of foundation damage and enjoying a drier, healthier, and more convenient household. Damaged foundation repair in San Antonio, TX

    Soil Issues

    Your house sits on a foundation, and this foundation needs to stay perfectly in place in order to keep your home as structurally sound as possible. If it shifts at all, you will need to call for foundation repair to protect your family and your investment. Unfortunately, the soil packed around your foundation might not be totally secure. If the consistency of the soil around your foundation allows it to move around from time to time, this could mean bad news for your foundation. If you already know that the soil around your foundation is giving you and your home issues, be sure to bring that up when you talk to your foundation repair specialist.

    Faulty Drainage

    One factor that might cause the foundation of your home to struggle more than usual is your drainage. Water can affect the composition of the soil around your foundation, which can become a serious problem if your drainage systems allow moisture to collect around the base of your home. If you have to jump over deep puddles to get to your driveway from your front door, you might be in need of drainage correction services. Drainage correction will ensure that rainwater does not settle near your foundation and instead moves out to the gutter or another safer place.

    Plumbing Leaks

    Just like rainwater, water that comes from plumbing appliances and pipes can also lead to foundation damage. Be sure to have these plumbing leaks repaired as soon as possible, especially if you haven’t already sought drainage correction services to bolster your foundation.