• Tips for Hiring a Contractor by MitchCo Foundation Repair

    Tips for Hiring a Contractor in San AntonioWhen you are in need of a foundation repair or drainage correction contractor, you will want to do your research before you make your decision. In this video from realtor.com, you will receive some essential tips and advice for choosing this contractor. To find a reputable contractor that repairs foundations and drains in San Antonio, you will want to check out the contractor’s customer reviews. It may also be a good idea to visit the contractor on a concrete repair jobsite.

    Once you have found a contractor that has great reviews, you will be ready to start the building or remodeling process. From foundation repair to waterproofing, there are many types of jobs that can be accomplished by a licensed contractor. Before you start work on your project, it is a good idea to review any contracts or documents carefully.

  • Home Remodels That May Require Concrete Flatwork

    Blog ThumbnailBesides foundation repair and waterproofing services, companies that specialize in drainage correction in San Antonio sometimes offer concrete installation services as well. For this reason, you should contact your local foundation repair contractor when you’re in the process of home remodeling. There is a range of projects that may benefit from professional concrete flatwork installation .

    If you’re renovating your landscaping, then you may be planning to update your driveway. In this case, contacting a professional about installing the new driveway can help ensure that the project goes as planned and that you’ll have a driveway that provides years of function. Are you thinking about adding on a garage or remodeling your current one? If so, then you may need to contact a contractor about installing the concrete flatwork for the structure. The installation of new flooring, pool decks, ramps, sidewalks, and patios are a few more examples of when you should consider working with a professional for the concrete flatwork.

    concrete - flatwork

  • Signs That Drainage Correction Could Be Jeopardizing Your Property

    Drainage Correction Services in San AntonioWater is an extremely powerful element that can cause serious damage to your home and foundation. In order to avoid the need for foundation repair, you may want to schedule waterproofing and drainage correction services for your home. A contractor in San Antonio can evaluate the overall quality of your current drainage system and determine whether your existing gutter and drainage correction could be doing more harm than good. With expert drainage correction, you will be able to divert water away from the vulnerable areas of your home and foundation. Here is an overview of some signs that drainage correction could be jeopardizing your property. Drainage Correction Services in San Antonio

    Overflowing Gutters

    Proper home drainage starts with your gutters. When rain falls on your home’s roof, it will be diverted to your gutter and downspout system. If your gutters overflow when it rains, this is a sign that your home does not have proper drainage. By correcting your gutter problems, you may be able to direct water more efficiently throughout your drainage system.

    Dumping Downspouts

    When you are looking for signs of drainage problems around your property, you may also want to assess the performance of your downspouts. Downspouts that dump water around your home’s basement and foundation could be seriously compromising the structural integrity of your home. Puddles of water around your home’s foundation are a sure sign of a drainage and downspout issue. In order to improve your drainage and correct your downspouts, you may want to ask your contractor to install longer downspout pipes around your roof.

    Water Stains and Leaks

    You can also identify home drainage issues by looking at the interior condition of your home and basement. When your house has a drainage problem, you may find that your basement starts to develop water stains and leaks. Visible signs of water damage are a sure sign that your home is experiencing drainage issues. By correcting your drainage on the outside of your home, you can protect the quality and condition of its interior.

  • The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

    Benefits of Installing Concrete Patio in San AntonioA patio is a delightful addition to any home. Whether you’re interested in installing an outdoor kitchen or a simple seating area for your guests, you’ll find that a well-constructed patio can boost your property value and your overall opinion of your home. When it comes to building materials, you have a lot of options to choose from; however, it’s hard to deny the benefits of concrete. Here are just a few of the benefits that a concrete contractor in San Antonio can provide for your patio project. Benefits of Installing Concrete Patio in San Antonio

    Impressive Durability

    Wood decks were very popular for a long time; however, more and more decks are needing to be replaced after years of warping, rotting, and wear and tear. Concrete, on the other hand, is as durable as they come. If installed correctly, your concreate patio should stand up to decades of foot traffic, rain, hail, yard debris, and anything else that may come along. Your concrete patio won’t even crack as long as your contractor reinforces it with rebar.

    Stylistic Versatility

    Natural stone is often an elegant choice for patios, but what you see is what you get. Unlike natural stone, concrete can be molded into whatever shape, color, or texture you desire, allowing you to achieve precisely the aesthetic you’re looking for. Do you want a patio shaped like the State of Texas? Concrete can get it done. You’d be amazed to see what an experienced concrete contractor can put together.

    Simple Maintenance

    A patio should be enjoyed, not toiled over. Once your concrete patio is installed, you’ll find that it’s exceedingly easy to maintain. Since it’s a solid surface, you won’t have to worry about annoying pieces of debris falling between the cracks. There’s no need to seal or stain your concrete patio—all you have to do to keep it clean is give it a good sweep every once in a while. You might also power wash it once every few years to really make it shine.

  • Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

    Home Foundation Repair in San Antonio

    A strong foundation supports your house and keeps it in safe, efficient, and cosmetically appealing shape, but there are a few different types of problem signs that could warrant a call to your contractor for foundation repair serving San Antonio . You might notice visible cracks and slopes, floors and walls have become uneven, and doors and windows that don’t open and close like they normally would. Feel free to keep reading for a closer look at a few signs that your home needs foundation repair. Home Foundation Repair in San Antonio

    Cracks, Gaps, and Sloping

    When your foundation starts to break down or sink, it is time to call your foundation repair specialist. If you think you might have a problem with your foundation, take a walk around and look for cracks in your drywall. You might also notice cracks on the outside of your home; you should pay special attention to cracks that resemble a staircase pattern. You might also notice spaces between your ceiling and the molding that should be flush against it. A small amount of sloping in your floors might be normal, but more significant sloping can indicate a foundation problem.

    Sunken Floors and Bowed Walls

    If a particular part of your flooring feels sunken in or you notice that the ground around your house feels like it is lower than normal, you might need foundation repair. You should also take a look at your basement walls and see if they appear to be buckling inwards; this could be due to soil expansion, and it might warrant a call to your foundation repair professional.

    Difficulty Operating Doors and Windows

    You might find it more difficult to open and close your doors and windows as the weather changes, but this is not the only factor that can make an impact on their operation. The condition of your foundation can actually play a substantial role when it comes to these features. Your house or building was level when the doors and windows were installed, so the sinking of your foundation can put them off balance. Once you seek foundation repair, your doors and windows should operate normally once again.

  • Repairing a Pier and Beam Foundation

    Beam Foundation in San Antonio

    Different types of foundations will benefit from their own forms of foundation repair serving San Antonio. Your contractor should be able to make the necessary repairs, but the actual process will vary depending on the type of foundation in question. Take a look at this video clip for a quick overview of repairing a pier and beam foundation.

    Your pier and beam foundation keeps your home level and prevents walls, floors, doors, and windows from sustaining damage due to shifting soil. If your existing piers are still in decent shape, your contractor may use them to adjust the level of the home. While the foreman checks door openings and measures the level, jacks will be placed at certain lift points. If it turns out that the existing piers don’t provide the right amount of support, your contractor might dig a new footing and fill it with strong concrete.

  • A Look at Pier and Beam Foundations

    When you build a home, there are several different foundation designs your builder can choose to implement. A pier and beam foundation is a common type of foundation, particularly in older homes. This construction design uses a combination of piers, which are anchored in the ground beneath your home, and beams, which run the length and width of your home, to essentially support the structure of your home without requiring it to rest directly on the dirt beneath it. Pier and beam foundations are an older design, but still remain popular because of their simplicity and their stability, particularly in areas where the ground contains a significant percentage of expansive clay. While a well-built pier and beam foundation should experience few problems, aging or poorly-designed pier and beam foundations may develop problems that require foundation repair. If you think your home may need pier and beam foundation repair near San Antonio, this work should always be performed by a contractor experienced with pier and beam foundation construction and repair to ensure that repairs are completed properly to protect your home and your foundation from further damage.

    Pier and Beam Foundations in San Antonio, TX

  • How Are Properties Leveled During Foundation Repair?

    Expert Contractor in San Antonio

    When your home or office is in need of foundation repair, the process might seem complicated, but when left to the expert contractor in San Antonio , the repair can be done quickly and efficiently. First, consult your foundation repair expert to determine the exact cause of the problem. Most often, the problem with a damaged foundation comes from the ground underneath or around it. By looking for telltale signs, your contractor can determine the cause of the damage—such as unstable soil or drainage issues—and provide you with an effective solution, as well as a plan to prevent future damage.

    Once your contractor has evaluated the property, he will probably have to level the foundation. This requires using hydraulic jacks to lift the entire foundation. Once it is sufficiently raised, piers will be used to support it while the foundation is leveled. If there are further steps needed—drainage correction or soil stabilization—your contractor will address the issues. All in all, the process may seem complicated, but if you leave it to your trusted foundation repair experts, you won’t be disappointed.

    Expert Contractor in San Antonio

  • See MitchCo Answer Your Questions About Foundation Repair

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    What is soil settling? What are the signs of foundation damage? What does a “bad” foundation look like? What causes foundation problems in the first place? What’s hydrostatic testing? What does a foundation examination entail? These are just a few of the common questions homeowners have regarding foundation repair. Luckily, MitchCo owner Edward Mitchell answers these and other questions in this clip from a segment on Fox Daytime @ 9.

    Still have questions about foundation repair? Call the foundation experts at MitchCo today and get answers to all the questions you have. You can get in touch with a foundation repair contractor in San Antonio by calling (210) 787-2965 . You can also contact MitchCo online if you have questions or would like to request a free estimate on foundation repair for your home or business.

  • Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Concrete Contractor

    Whether you’re planning a new sidewalk, driveway, patio, pool deck, or even a new home addition that required a slab foundation, you can save a lot of time and money in the long run by hiring a concrete contractor to complete the job for you. In some cases, depending on the size and scope of the project, a licensed concrete contractor might be required to make sure your home is up to the state, local, and/or federal building codes. But with so many concrete contractors in San Antonio, how do you know which one to hire? Here are some good questions to ask that can help you narrow down your list. Concrete contractors in San Antonio, TX

    What types of concrete services do you provide?

    First and foremost, make sure that any concrete contractor you are considering for the job has experience with the particular concrete work you need to be done. For example, if you need to have a driveway slab laid down, make sure the contractor you hire has done concrete driveway installations in the past.

    Are you licensed and insured?

    Perhaps the most important question of them all is whether or not a contractor is licensed and insured. Licensure is your signal that the contractor is legitimate and answers to the state. You can search the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to find out whether a contractor has an active license or not. Insurance should give you peace of mind that should any damage or personal injuries occur during the job the contractor’s insurance company will shoulder the financial burden, not you.

    Do you offer free estimates?

    Although the final cost can change, it’s nice to get an estimate up front so you can start budgeting for the project and see which contractors are overcharging for a particular service. Be wary of any residential concrete contractors in San Antonio who refuse to offer estimates, as this is typically a practice associated with contractors who like to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners after the job is done.