• A Look at the Cash for Kindness Program

    As a company that has years of experience in foundation repair serving San Antonio, you’d expect it to be our primary concern at MitchCo Foundation Repair. While we take foundation repair extremely seriously, our real priority is taking care of our community in any way we can. The Cash for Kindness program gives our contractors the opportunity to give back to our customers, our neighbors, and those who strive to make a positive impact on our community. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to take a look at the Cash for Kindness program.

    Kind people don’t commit acts of kindness for the purpose of being rewarded, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be acknowledged for their contributions to society. This is why the team at MitchCo Foundation Repair has teamed up with our partners at Fox 29 to create the Cash for Kindness program. Through this program, we identify individuals who go above and beyond for their community and reward them for their deeds with cash. A successful, thriving community relies on its citizens to pick each other up and look out for their neighbors, and we are happy to reward them for doing so.

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  • How to Choose a Foundation Repair Contractor

    Like many homeowners, you likely enjoy doing work on your home whenever possible. However, there are times when it’s not practical or safe to perform jobs yourself. Foundation repair, for example, is a complex job that requires a professional touch. That said, you don’t want just anyone working on your foundation. Here are a few suggestions to help you find the right foundation contractor in San Antonio. Expert foundation contractors in San Antonio, TX

    Look for Experience

    As with virtually every other field, experience is key. If a foundation repair contractor has more than 30 years of experience in the business, then they’ll likely do a great job for you. Also, you might dig a little deeper to determine which foundation jobs a given contractor has done the most. If you need a pier and beam foundation repaired, for example, you should go with a contractor that’s very comfortable with that type of repair job.


    Verify Credentials

    Not just anyone can repair a foundation. Before you settle on a contractor, make sure they’re completely above board in terms of licensure and insurance. If you go with an uninsured contractor, you could be held liable for damage or injury incurred on the job. Also, trained and licensed employees will simply do better work than untrained and unlicensed workers.

    Check Out Awards and Reviews

    It’s a good idea to check out reviews online before getting too cozy with a foundation contractor. Past clients will give you the best insight into what a particular contractor is like to work with. You should also see what kind of recognition the contractor has garnered, such as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or an Elite Service Professional designation from Home Advisor.

    Ask for a Free Estimate

    The free estimate is an essential part of the homeowner-contractor relationship. If a contractor offers you a free estimate, you know they’re serious about pursuing your business. A reasonable estimate is of course ideal, but you should be wary of an estimate that’s too low—it could just be dishonesty on the part of the contractor.

  • How Are Properties Leveled During Foundation Repair?

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    When your home or office is in need of foundation repair, the process might seem complicated, but when left to the expert contractor in San Antonio , the repair can be done quickly and efficiently. First, consult your foundation repair expert to determine the exact cause of the problem. Most often, the problem with a damaged foundation comes from the ground underneath or around it. By looking for telltale signs, your contractor can determine the cause of the damage—such as unstable soil or drainage issues—and provide you with an effective solution, as well as a plan to prevent future damage.

    Once your contractor has evaluated the property, he will probably have to level the foundation. This requires using hydraulic jacks to lift the entire foundation. Once it is sufficiently raised, piers will be used to support it while the foundation is leveled. If there are further steps needed—drainage correction or soil stabilization—your contractor will address the issues. All in all, the process may seem complicated, but if you leave it to your trusted foundation repair experts, you won’t be disappointed.

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  • The Common Causes of Foundation Problems

    Signs of foundation problems can mean serious issues for your home, which is why it is important to identify the source of the problem and seek  foundation repair serving San Antonio immediately. A failing foundation can impair the structural integrity of your home and lead to water damage and mold growth. Common culprits of foundation problems include unstable soil below and around your concrete, faulty water drainage systems, and warning signs that go unnoticed. Continue on for a closer look at the common causes of foundation problems.

    Unstable Soil
    In order for your foundation to stay completely stable, the soil that lies below it and around it must be stable as Solutions for foundation problem in San Antonio, TX well. Unstable soil has a tendency to shift around, which is dangerous for your foundation. Your concrete foundation must stay level in order to avoid cracking, crumbling, and deteriorating, and unstable soil typically does not shift in a level manner. In the event that all of the soil around your foundation moves uniformly, your foundation should be fine. If your soil settles unevenly, on the other hand, you will likely notice a negative impact on your foundation. Shifting soil can even contribute to other foundation problems such as water drainage issues.

    Poor Water Drainage
    Water should never be allowed to pool around your home. Instead, it should be transported to the road using a drainage system. Water that pools or collects around the base of a house may seep into the soil that surrounds the foundation; this is especially likely if the soil around your foundation is unstable in the first place. From there it can make its way into your home, where it can cause a number of problems ranging from poor indoor air quality to loss of structural integrity.

    Unheeded Warning Signs
    Many homeowners allow their foundation problems to develop because they are unaware of the signs to look out for. Foundation problems might show up as cracks in your floor or separations in your windows and doors. Understanding these warnings is the first step in diagnosing and treating your foundation problems before they develop.

  • Lintel repair Explained by Mitchco Foundation Repair in San Antonio, TX

    Lintel Repair in San AntonioIf you want the entryways to your home or place of business to stand out in a positive way, it is wise to invest in lintel repair as soon as you realize that it is necessary. Your local foundation repair company serving San Antonio can help you by providing this service. Your lintel repair contractor can help to improve both the aesthetic appeal and safety level of your house or workplace. Keep reading if you would like to take a closer look at lintel repair.

    Have you noticed that the area above your garage door is sagging? This typically indicates a problem with your lintel. Lintels are design to support a variety of materials including stone, bricks, and steel. Unfortunately, these lintels may sometimes fail in some way. Your lintel repair professional can fix your sagging lintels and ​support the veneer. Fixing failed lintels can also go a long way in terms of revitalizing your curb appeal. Lintel Repair in San Antonio