• Do You Have a Drainage Disaster Brewing?

    Drainage Disaster Prevention in San Antonio

    If you have water pooling around the outside of your home every single time it rains, you are likely putting your entire house at risk and guaranteeing that you will need to have foundation repair done in the future. MitchCo Foundation Repair specializes in drainage correction serving San Antonio and can prevent your poor drainage from becoming a huge problem.

    There are many different ways to eliminate drainage problems and prevent the need for foundation repair. For example, by simply installing a French drain near the area where water pools in your yard, you can transport it away from your home’s foundation. You can also have interior and exterior basement waterproofing done to stop water from seeping into your home. Slope correction, grading, and trenching are some of the other methods that we use regularly to help homeowners improve their drainage. When you call on MitchCo Foundation Repair for drainage correction, we will come to your home, inspect your property, and come up with a solution that will stop water from pooling in your yard.

    Drainage Disaster Prevention in San Antonio

  • All About Foundation Repair in San Antonia, TX

    Foundation Repair Service in San AntonioIf your home’s foundation is not strong or the soil underneath of your home is causing your foundation to shift, you may begin to experience many problems with your home. Cracks in your interior and exterior walls and uneven floors are signs that you need foundation repair . Watch this video to learn how general contractors in San Antonio can fix your problem.

    Foundation repair involves digging holes on the outside of your home in order to access your foundation. A company like MitchCo Foundation Repair can send a contractor to you to dig down to examine your foundation and then install piers and beams that will hold your foundation up and prevent it from shifting or sinking. Fix your foundation issues as soon as they start, and you will not experience any dramatic changes in the structure of your home anytime soon.

  • Getting to Know MitchCo Foundation Repair

    Trusted Foundation Repair Company in San AntonioHaving foundation repair done on your home is a very important step for any homeowner, so you should only trust the very best to get it done. MitchCo Foundation Repair has more than three decades worth of experience with foundation repair serving San Antonio and can make sure your foundation is strong and secure for years to come.

    When most people hear the words “foundation repair,” they immediately begin worrying about the cost associated Trusted Foundation Repair Company in San Antonio with it and the disruption it will cause in their lives. When you work with us, we guarantee to give you the best deal possible, and we will see to it that we complete repairs on your home as quickly as we can. We stand behind the work that our general contractors do and, as a third generation foundation repair business, we know that you will be satisfied with our attention to detail. When you trust MitchCo Foundation Repair with your home’s foundation, you can be sure it will be stable when we are finished with it.