What Is Lintel Repair?

Lintel Repair in San AntonioIf you want the entryways to your home or place of business to stand out in a positive way, it is wise to invest in lintel repair as soon as you realize that it is necessary. Your local foundation repair company serving San Antonio can help you by providing this service. Your lintel repair contractor can help to improve both the aesthetic appeal and safety level of your house or workplace. Keep reading if you would like to take a closer look at lintel repair.

Have you noticed that the area above your garage door is sagging? This typically indicates a problem with your lintel. Lintels are design to support a variety of materials including stone, bricks, and steel. Unfortunately, these lintels may sometimes fail in some way. Your lintel repair professional can fix your sagging lintels and ​support the veneer. Fixing failed lintels can also go a long way in terms of revitalizing your curb appeal. Lintel Repair in San Antonio