Should You Consider Lintel Repair Services?

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Have you noticed cracking and sagging taking place towards the top of a garage, window, or doorway that has bricks, stones, or another material above it? If so, you may need to have a foundation repair company come to your home to offer lintel repair services. MitchCo Foundation Repair is experienced with foundation repair serving San Antonio and can also send someone to do lintel repair for you.

A lintel is a structural support that is installed between two vertical supports whenever you are having something like bricks or stones put up. The lintel is designed to help provide support for the structure, but over time, it can begin to break down. When this happens, a foundation repair company needs to perform lintel repair to avoid a collapse from happening. A contractor can repair your lintels for you so that cracking and sagging don’t continue to take place. When you call on MitchCo Foundation Repair for help with your lintels, we will make sure they are fixed and strong again so that you don’t need to worry about experiencing any other problems with them.


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