The Link Between Soil Composition and Foundation Stability

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If you recognize any of the warning signs of foundation damage, including staircase cracks on the walls and doors or windows that constantly get stuck, you may be wondering what’s caused your home’s sturdy concrete foundation to break. Ironically enough, it might be something as seemingly inconsequential as the soil beneath your home. Although the soil itself doesn’t harm the foundation, the shifting and settling of the earth beneath your home can cause the foundation to rise and fall in response. Poor drainage can increase the moisture content in the soil directly beneath your home, which can lead to more soil movement and subsequent foundation damage.

The good news is that foundation instability and damage can be corrected with the help of a licensed foundation repair contractor in San Antonio . Soil stabilization and drainage correction are two of the steps foundation repair contractors can take to prevent future foundation problems, at least those resulting from soil expansion and deterioration.