• What Concrete Flatwork Is and How It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

    Concrete flatwork, which refers to any concrete work along a horizontal plane, has numerous benefits can help to boost the overall value of your property. To learn all the basics you need to know about concrete flatwork , read on. What Is Concrete Flatwork? Concrete flatwork refers to any concrete work along a horizontal plane […]

  • 6 Signs Your House Needs Leveling

    Over time, all home foundations settle. The common causes of foundation settling are improperly backfilled soil, expansive soil, and tree roots. Movement in the foundation can affect the entire house and must be addressed right away. The structural issues will only become worse over time and can decrease your home’s value. Fortunately, there are some […]

  • Current Trends in Home Foundation

    A proper home foundation does more than just hold a house above the ground. It helps to keep out the moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists the ever-shifting movements of the earth. A high-quality home foundation should last you a lifetime, so it’s well worth taking the time to ensure that you have the […]

  • The Effects of Water Drainage on Foundations

    If water isn’t draining properly around your home, it can wreak havoc on your foundation. Poor water drainage, such as when water is flowing towards a house instead of away from it, can severely damage the foundation and compromise its structural integrity. A foundation repair expert is needed to fix such foundation issues, because doing […]

  • How Weather Affects Your Foundation

    One area of the home most homeowners tend to ignore when it comes to maintenance and repairs of the home is the foundation. Whether you have a basement or concrete slab, the foundation is an essential support structure for your home. From hot and cold temperatures to different weather conditions, these can pose problems for […]

  • Tips for Protecting Your Foundation from Water Damage This Spring

    When the spring months arrive in the state of Texas, you may find that your area receives heavy rainfall and other extreme weather conditions. By waterproofing your basement and scheduling foundation repair for your home, you can make sure that the lower levels of your home are protected from water damage during the spring season. […]

  • Why You Should Repair Your Foundation for Summer

    San Antonio’s clay soil, persistent dryness, and high summer heat present a perfect storm for foundation damage. In order to do its job of supporting your home, the foundation must first be supported by the soil underneath it. When summer temperatures hit in Texas, moisture located between soil particles can evaporate, causing those particles to […]

  • The Link Between Tree Roots and Foundation Integrity

    Mature trees provide your landscaping with undeniable appeal. However, if your trees are planted too close to your pier and beam foundation, you may start to experience issues with the structural integrity of your home. If tree roots have started to damage your pier and beam foundation in San Antonio , you will want to […]

  • FAQs About Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

    A pier and beam foundation will provide your home with excellent structural integrity, while also providing you with a spacious crawlspace. Over the years and seasons, however, your pier and beam foundation will eventually require routine maintenance and repairs. A team of concrete contractors near San Antonio will have the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed […]

  • MitchCo Comments on Common Foundation Issues

    Foundation repair issues can be a major inconvenience for any homeowner. In this video, you will take a look as the founder of MitchCo describes some of the most common foundation issues that are found in San Antonio homes. If you start to notice shifting window sills, foundation cracks, or other signs of foundation problems, […]